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Used Cooling Tunnel Equipment

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This type of tunnel forwards products through to help cool them so they can then be cut and packaged. Cooling tunnels use blowers to force cooled air (to -20 F) into the tunnel while removing heated air from the parts out the opposite end.

Standard Metal Cooling Tunnel
Inventory #: D2811

Used Standard Metal Cooling Tunnel with: Conveyor dimensions: 6 inches wide x 68 inches long Feed height: 35 inches Tunnel dimensions: 10 inches wide x 7 inches high Locking Casters

Jun Yu Stainless Steel Cooling Tunnel
Inventory #: D2204

Used Jun Yu Stainless Steel Cooling Tunnel with: Cools to 35 degrees Fahrenheit Conveyor 25 inches wide, 393.7 long Conveyor discharge height 37 inches Covered length of the cooling tunnel is 345"...

Cooling Reel photo
Lyco Cooling Reel
Inventory #: D1324

Used Lyco Cooling Reel with: Application: product is transferred through the reel while being sprayed with cool water Out feed height: 25.75 inches 24 sprayers Stainless steel construction Casters...

18 Head Filler with Cooling Tunnel
Inventory #: C7866

Used 18 Head Filler with Cooling Tunnel with: Conveyor dimensions: 50 feet wide x 3 feet wide 18 head filler Previously used for stick deodorant Can be used for any liquid that has to first be...

Standard Metal Custom Made Bottle Cooling Tunnel
Inventory #: B9762

Used Standard Metal Custom Made Bottle Cooling Tunnel with: Each section of the unit is 6 feet long, 12 feet overall Stainless steel chain mesh belt: 8 feet wide (currently detached) Aperture: clearance...

4600-32001 photo
FPA 4600-3200 Cooling Tunnel Includes Compressor
Inventory #: B7183R

Used FPA 4600-3200 Cooling Tunnel with: Smooth belt conveyor Temperature controlled zones Compressor Food grade conveyor 32 inches wide x 129.5 length Max product height 3 inches Stainless...

2094-BMP5-S photo
JJ Steel 2094-BMP5-S Nitrogen Cooling Tunnel
Inventory #: B3089

Used JJ Steel Nitrogen Cooling Tunnel with: 18 foot long tunnel 25 foot overall length Chain is 68 inches wide 6 inch product height clearance All stainless steel construction Allen-Bradley...

4600-20001 photo
FPA 4600-20001 Cooling Tunnel
Inventory #: B2016

Used FPA 4600-20001 Cooling Tunnel Tunnel: Side by side unit Product passes through the cooler twice, down and back, with a 180 degree turn at the far end 50 feet long Infeed...

Nedco Continuous Cooling Conveyor
Inventory #: A9260

Used Nedco Continuous Cooling Conveyor with: Thirty-one 2.125 inch wide x 144 inch long carry lanes 2 inch wide Delran table top chain conveyor lanes U-bend turn at termination of each lane...

SY3001991 photo
Borden Douch SY3001991 Cooler
Inventory #: A1966

Used Borden Douch SY3001991 Cooler with: Wire mesh belt: 161 inches long x 14 inches wide Infeed elevation pictured at 50 inches above the floor Outfeed elevation pictured at 30 inches above the floor...

TR 3005/10 photo
Proform TR 3005/10 Cooling Tunnel
Inventory #: A1896

Used Proform TR 3005/10 Self Contained Continuous Cooling Tunnel with: Allen-Bradley SLC 5/05 CPU controls Operators panel with Allen-Bradley PanelView 1000 7 layers of approximate 400mm wide belt,...

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