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Equipment in this category is used for counting a specific number of product, such as pills, and depositing them into containers. Common types of counters include slat, disc, electric eye and track. Counting equipment is commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry.

TB-4 photo
King TB4 Bench Top Tablet Counter
Inventory #: D3418

Used King TB-4 Bench Top Tablet Counter with: Speed: up to 2,000 tablets per minute Tablet size range: .25 - 1 inch Batch counts: 1 - 10,000 tablets Product: Tablets Capsules Dragee...

King Slat Counter with Product Conveyor
Inventory #: C8542R

Used King Slat Counter with Product Conveyor with: Fill two lanes of six bottles per lane Minimum bottle per minute: 8 Maximum bottle per minute: 145 Low pill count: 10s High pill count: 500s...

Versacount photo
Deitz Versacount Tablet Counter
Inventory #: C8266

Used Deitz Versacount Tablet Counter with: Right hand model Capacity: up to 2,400 tablets per minute Hopper capacity: approximately 10,000 tablets Stainless steel contact parts

Pharmaphill Dietz Versacount Tablet Counter
Inventory #: C8280

Used Pharmaphill Dietz Versacount Tablet Counter with: Count Rate: 2400 tablets/minute Count range from 1 to 10,000 Not designed for Clear Gel caps Approx. 10,000 tablets can be loaded int hopper...

TB5A photo
King TB5 Tablet Counter with Conveyor
Inventory #: C9040

Used King TB5A Tablet Counter with: Turntable Diameter: 24 inches Max Output Per Minute with .37 inch tablet: 3,500 Tablet Flow: Double Tablet Minimum: 6 Electronic Batch Counter

Mini109CB photo
ActionPac Mini109CB Counter and Scale Bagger
Inventory #: C7071R

Used ActionPac Mini109CB Counter and Scale with: Vibratory feeder Scale Bagger 2" X 2" minimum size 12" x 22" maximum size Programmable controls Variable hopper...

Counting Device TW/TP, VS photo
Weighpack TW-TP Linear Counter & VS Bagging System
Inventory #: C5778R

Used Weighpack TW/TP Linear Counter and VS Bagging System with: 4 lane vibratory linear counter with 4 VS bagger units VS Bagger: Easy to operate Automatically positions a pre-made bag,...

TCA 1-R AUTO photo
Pharmafill TCA 1-R AUTO Tablet Counter
Inventory #: C5244

Used Pharmafill TCA 1-R AUTO Tablet Counter with: Digital Counter display Digital Bottle counter LED counting beam Vibratory feed assembly to deliver product from the hopper to be counted Stainless...

DS 10-TG/AB photo
Seidenader DS 10-TG-AB Tablet Inspector Sorter
Inventory #: C6040

Used Seidenader DS 10-TG-AB Tablet Inspector Sorter with: Automatic tablet/capsule inspection/sorting machine 10 lanes Stainless hopper 10 channels Vibratory chute Manual adjustment of roller...

Multipack Capsule Tablet Dispenser Filler Counter
Inventory #: B7396

Used Various Pill/Capsule Sorter and Separator with: 9 hopper containers for separate pills Never been used load Hoppers with pills programmed to tell which hopper(s) to fire dispense selected pills,...

KDC-101 photo
Kwang KDC-101 Batch Pill Counter
Inventory #: B8778

Used Kwang KDC-101 Batch Pill Counter with: High speed and efficient batch counter Designed and developed to count all shapes of products accurately like capsules, tablets, pills, and similar products...

Merrill 72-39 photo
Merrill 72-39 Slat Counter
Inventory #: B9098

Merrill 72-39 Slat Counter: Control System Allen Bradley PLC Allen Bradley HMI Designed to Cat 3 safety specifications Contact safety switches Safety relay Dual MSR's for single...

TC-7 photo
JDA Packaging Equipment TC-7 Tablet Counter
Inventory #: B6717R

Used JDA TC-7 Batch Tablet Counter with: Stainless cabinet, fiberglass hopper, and glass turntable meet G.M.P.requirements Batch range counts from 1 to 9,999 pcs Smooth rotary system with computerized...

SC6L photo
King SC6L Slat Counter
Inventory #: B6126

Used King SC6L Slat Counter with: Size 0 tooling, never been used Slats for 30, 60, 90, and 120 count bottles Tablet size range: 3 - 25 millimeters Capsule size range: 0 - 5 Output: up to 10,000...

MC-2 photo
Modular Systems MC-2 Benchtop Pill Counter Filler
Inventory #: B6412

Used Modular Systems MC-2 Benchtop Pill Counter Filler with: Built for check counting, semi-automatic bench filling, and fully automated filling Handles a wide range of products from 3 millimeter tablets...

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