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Used Meat Processing Equipment

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Equipment in the Meat Processing category includes any equipment used in the processing of meat products. Some examples include patty formers, meat injectors, tenderizers, and smokers.

Stancase Sausage Stuffer with Nozzles
Inventory #: B4590

Used Stancase Sausage Stuffer and Nozzles with: Manual sausage stuffer 50 pound hopper capacity Stainless steel construction Includes Sausage Nozzles Never used for meat

Bunn Industrial Tyer
Inventory #: B4588

Used Bunn with: 8 ply Takes a 5 pound ball Used to tie meat product

TC700MC photo
Ross TC700MC Meat Tenderizer
Inventory #: B3798

Used Ross TC700MC Meat Injector with: TC700MC is a compact version of the TC700 Injector Smaller machine footprint Maximum product size: 9 inches tall x 11.75 inches wide Spray application...

PI 72 photo
Gunther Stainless Steel PI 72 Needle Meat Injector
Inventory #: B2891

Used Gunther PI 72 Meat Injector with: 72 needles Stainless steel Plastic chain conveyor Dimensions: 2200 millimeter length x 1000 millimeter wide x 2100 millimeter height ...

TC700 SSP photo
Ross Industries TC700 SSP Tenderizer
Inventory #: B3420R

Used Ross Industries TC700 SSP Tenderizer with: USDA approved Stainless steel construction 24 inch conveyor width Fixed conveyor speed: 11.6 feet per minute Maximum product height: 2 inches...

FGM 26/52 photo
Fomaco Stainless Steel FGM 26-52 Injector
Inventory #: B2898

Used Fomaco FGM 26/52 Injector with: Pressure equalizing tank with easy access for inspection and cleaning Gearshift for easy change of injection pattern Stainless steel waterproof box for electrical...

FGM 26/104 photo
Fomaco 2 Horsepower FGM 26/104 Injector
Inventory #: B2899

Used Fomaco FGM 26/104 Injector with: Needles: 26 and 104 The conveyor system as well as the needle head is driven by an asynchronous drive Push button control 2 horsepower drive motor Variable...

KW2100 photo
KW 2100 Automated Skewering System
Inventory #: B1980

Used KW 2100 Automated Skewering System with: Dimensions: 177 inches long without extension 255 inches long with extension 55 inches wide 73 inches height Inserts four skewers...

TGM 350 photo
Martin Weinert TGM 350 Tunnel Tying Machine
Inventory #: B2777

Used Martin Weinert TGM 350 Tunnel Tying Machine with: Does away with hand binding meat twine Tunnel concept ensures a continuous flow of material Low maintenance PLC controls Clutchless braking...

48 SW photo
Fomaco 48 SW Meat Injector
Inventory #: B2649

Used Fomaco 48 SW Meat Injector with: 192 needles (quads) 420 millimeter wide belt Stainless steel construction Complete with filter

32 00 20 photo
Koch 32 00 20 Smokehouse
Inventory #: B1442

Used Koch 32 00 20 Smokehouse with: Capacity: 600 pounds of meat Fueled by sawdust or wood pellet fuel Mild steel construction Approximately 7 feet high Smoking compartment: 70 inches high x...

TJ-100-CC photo
Cleveland TJ-100-CC Cook Tank and Bath Chiller
Inventory #: A9933R

Used Cleveland TJ-100-CC Cook Tank and Bath Chiller with: 100 gallon capacity for pumpable products 1000 pounds of meat in cook tank mode Functions as a cook tank, a product chiller, and a sous vide...

F6 photo
Formax F6 Patty Former
Inventory #: B1242

Used Formax F6 Patty Former with: Hydraulic compression system that controls product flow High speed mold plate drive powers at variable rates up to 65 strokes/min. Single horizontal plunger covering...

Stein Breading Machine
Inventory #: A9219

Used Stein Breading Machine with: Hydraulically driven Rubber roller to ensure that the food product is completely covered with batter Stainless steel mesh belt

604 photo
Maurer 604 Smokehouse
Inventory #: A9367

Used Maurer 604 Smokehouse with: Stainless steel construction MC3 Control Computer Liquid Smoke 65576 Atomizer Single door 43.5 inches wide x 60 inches tall Interior is 38...

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