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Used Pump Equipment

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This type of equipment is designed to pump or move products such as liquids, paste etc. Pumps are available in many different sizes and can be used in a variety of ways.

Graco Barrel Drum Unloader Pump
Inventory #: A8717

Used Graco Barrel/Drum Unloader Pump with: Stainless steel construction Designed to quickly and efficiently unload drums and barrels of liquid product Air powered Compact design and small machine...

MR125NNTC photo
Kontro 2" Sine Pump
Inventory #: A7635

Used Kontro 2" Sine Pump with: 2" in and out Sanitary stainless steel Direct connected to 2 Hp 3/60/230-460 gear head motor Mounted on portable base with casters

Worthington Centrifugal Pump 200 HP with VFD Drive
Inventory #: A7310

Used Worthington Centrifugal Pump 200 HP with VFD Drive with: Centrifugal slurry pump Type R Model number 10R234 Size 10 x 12 x 23.5 Designed for 892 m3/hr (3927 gpm) 33.80 meter tdh (112'...

Stainless Steel Pump
Inventory #: A6687

Used Stainless Steel Pump 3 Inch Outlet Air Driven

MDS-Y photo
Cleveland Pump Model MTS-Y
Inventory #: A6694

Used Cleveland Pump Pumps Gallon Containers Pumps 5 Gallon Containers

006 photo
Allen Spray Oil Pump on SS Skid with 7 Gallon Tank
Inventory #: A5479

Used Oiler Pump System with: Stainless steel frame Built on its own skid Hype Park Superprox sm572b-100 sensor above the tank Has an approximately 7 gallon tank Comes with (2) stainless steel...

OPTI140HS photo
Marlen Food Pump W/ Output of 20,000lbs per Hour
Inventory #: A6111

Used Marlen Food Pump with: 40 HP Maximum output of 20,000lbs per hour (wt.) 37.8 gallons per minute (vol.) 600 lb hopper capacity 4" product outlet 250 psi max / 25 psi min in high mode...

D4B photo
Leybold Trivac D4B Vacuum Pump
Inventory #: A5624

Used Leybold Trivac D4B Vacuum Pump: Dual stage rotary vane vacuum pump Commonly used for vacuum furnace evacuation, backing turbomolecular pumps, backing diffusion pumps, rotary evaporation, refrigeration...

E5000133-00X-127 photo
Duplex Pressure Powered Pump
Inventory #: A5268

Used Duplex Pressure Powered Pump with: 3x2 pump with high capacity stainless steel check valve and gauge glass 3x2 tank package with 31 gallon receiver Motive and exhaust piping 3 in 125# flanged...

Sine Positive Displacement Pump
Inventory #: A5243

Used Sine Positive Displacement Pump with: 1-2 HP 10-15 gallons/min

SPS35 photo
Sine SPS35 Positive Displacement Pump
Inventory #: A5073

Used Sine SPS35 Positive Displacement Pump with: 3HP motor Stainless steel contact parts 3in. in and out bevel seat

SPS35 photo
Sine SPS35 Positive Displacement Pump w/Hopper
Inventory #: A5122

Used Sine Model SPS35 Positive Displacement Pump with: Stainless steel head Stainless steel infeed hopper 3in. tri-clamp inlet and outlet Cone bottom Hopper 20in. diameter x 41in. deep with stainless...

KK225 photo
Viking KK225 Water Jacketed Pump
Inventory #: A4881

Used Viking KK225 Water Jacketed Pump with: 1HP motor Variable speed reducer

954226 photo
Graco Bulldog Barrel Pump Model 954226
Inventory #: A4237R

Used Graco Bulldog Pump with: Extremely durable pump with long-life packing design Positive displacement chop check piston design provides uniform and easily controlled delivery Improved serviceability...

1FF8-SSG photo
Moyno Progressive Cavity Pump
Inventory #: A4382

Used Moyno Progressive Cavity Pump: Model 1FF8-SSG DFT100L4-KS motor R70DT100L4-KS gearbox

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