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Used Scale Equipment

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This equipment weighs product. A scale can be either linear or combination, and often feeds directly into another piece of equipment, such as a form, fill and seal machine. Important factors to consider when purchasing a scale include product volume, and production speed.

2L2 photo
Ohlson 2L2 Vibratory Linear Scale Feeder
Inventory #: B3202R

Used Ohlson 2L2 Vibratory Feeder with: Stainless steel dimpled Hoppers from 1/2 pound to 10 pounds PLC input Weighing Range: Typically 1 oz to 5 lbs Max Speed 30 wpm Scale Accuracy ±...

CCW-EZ-210/30 photo
Ishida CCW-EZ-210/30 Checkweigher 10 Bucket Scale
Inventory #: B2526

Used Ishida CCW-EZ-210/30 Checkweigher with: Automatic gravimetric filling instrument weigher Weighing range: 50-500 grams Speed: 60 weighs per minute (for 250 grams) / 55 weighs per minute (for 500...

SPEC 120 photo
Woodman Spectra Combination Scale SPEC 120
Inventory #: A9324R

Used Woodman Spectra Combination Scale with: 12 dimpled bucket stations Stainless steel construction Easy bucket removal Operator touchscreen (4) mounted eye bolts for easy and safe lifting...

Unknown photo
Stainless Steel Mobile Scale with Mezzanine
Inventory #: A8530

Stainless Steel Mobile Scale with Mezzanine with: Mobile scale 10 bucket scale 1 liter buckets Includes mezzanine Touch pad operation Digital screen

ALH-44-5K / TI-500E photo
Inscale ALH-44-5K Floor Scale with TI-500E Display
Inventory #: A9215

Used Inscale ALH-44-5K Floor Scale with TI-500E Display with: Rugged platform floor scale 300% overload capacity 150% end-load capacity Above or below grade installation Easy to relocate Uses...

PMB 1 photo
Weigh Right PMB 1 Automatic Linear Bucket Scale
Inventory #: A8356

Used Weigh Right Automatic Scale with: Can easily be converted to intergrate with a bagger or conveyor. Provides optimum speed and accuracy PMB weighers use the bulk and dribble method vibrating the...

AVN 170 12EV TK photo
Affeldt AVN 170 12EV T Linear Bucket Scale System
Inventory #: A7845

Used Affeldt Linear Bucket Scale System with: Listing includes scale unit Stainless steel frame Adjustable height Used for food service bag in box casing Includes twelve head buckets Buckets...

CCW-S-214-W photo
Ishida CCW-S-214-W 14 Head Computer Weigher
Inventory #: A8259

Used Ishida CCW-S-214-W with: Stainless steel contact parts 14 Head Computer Weigher Smooth buckets Weighing capacity: 25 to 1000 grams Maximum volume for weighing: 2000 cc per single dump ...

CCW-RZ-214W-S/30-WP photo
Ishida CCW-RZ-214W-S/30-WP 14 Head Scale
Inventory #: A8116

Used Ishida CCW-RZ-214W-S/30-WP 14 Head Scale with: Stainless steel washdown construction 3 liter smooth buckets Triangle bagger and mezzanine can be available at additional cost

ADW-323R photo
Yamato ADW-323R Scale
Inventory #: A7617

Used ADW-323R Linear Bucket Scale with: 12 bucket scale. Dimple Buckets. Stainless Steel Construction.

ADW-814 photo
Yamato ADW-814 Rotary Scale
Inventory #: A7805

Used Yamato ADW-814 Rotary Scale with: Large dimpled bucket scale (14) buckets All washdown

Infinity photo
Eagle Combination Scale and FFS. Model Infinity
Inventory #: A7726

Used Eagle Combination Scale and From,Fill, and Seal This Unit Comes With Scale,FFS, Vibratory Conveyor and Mezzanine. 14 Bucket Scale. 28 Inch Forming Collar. 14 Inch Fill Tube.

6000 photo
Fairbanks Scale Model 6000
Inventory #: A6936

Used Fairbanks Scale

Combi Medium Bucket photo
Combi 14 Medium Bucket Scale
Inventory #: A7473

Used Combi 14 Medium Bucket Scale

CCW-Z-214W-S/60-WP photo
Ishida Scale 14 Small Bucket Model CCW-Z-214W-S/60
Inventory #: A7475

Used Ishida Scale 14 Small Bucket

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