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Film packaging is the most effective and economic way of producing multipacks of products for distribution and shipment purposes. Shrink wrap equipment is used to package products in a film that is heat shrunk around the product to create a very tight seal. There are many types of shrink equipment including shrink tunnels, lap sealers, automatic and manual L-bar sealers, multipackers, and side sealers. Once your product is wrapped in shrink film, it passes through a heat tunnel, which shrinks the film closely around the product.

BPMP 5000 Series photo
Arpac BPMP 5341 Multipacker and Shrink Tunnel
Inventory #: D4016

Used Arpac BPMP-5000 Series Multipacker and Shrink Tunnel with: Continuous motion operation Speeds: up to 75 bundles per minute Product size range: Minimum: 3 inches long x 6 inches wide...

F4ADA photo
Shanklin F4ADA Stainless Steel Lap Sealer
Inventory #: D2856

Used Shanklin F4ADA Stainless Steel Lap Sealer with: Stainless steel construction Nineteen (19) inch seal bar width (hot knife) Shanklin REM Infeed conveyor Infeed has 18 inch lugged centers ...

T-62SS photo
Shanklin T-62 Stainless Steel Heat Tunnel
Inventory #: D2865

Used Shanklin T62 Stainless Steel Heat Tunnel with: High speed dual chamber tunnel Independent controlled temperature and air velocity Tunnel aperture: 10 inch high x 18 inch wide Conveyor height...

Tango-24L photo
Polypack Tango Series 24L Shrink Bundler
Inventory #: D3982

Used Polypack Tango-24L Shrink Bundler with: Speeds: up to 20 bundles per minute Traditional or Nestled multipacks: Unsupported Pad-supported Tray-supported Inline infeed conveyor...

101SF photo
Rennco 101SF Vertical L Bar Sealer
Inventory #: D3991

Used Rennco 101SF Vertical L-Bar Sealer with: Speeds: up to 30 cycles per minute Seal dimensions: Vertical: 1 - 14 inches Horizontal: 1 - 20 inches Film capacity: Maximum width:...

ETTH2012 photo
Eastey ETTH2012 Heat Shrink Tunnel
Inventory #: D3237

Used Eastey ETT2012 Heat Shrink Tunnel with: Variable speed conveyor Digital temperature control Tunnel dimensions: Length: 70 inches Width 20 inches Maximum effective...

105-36 photo
Arpac 105 36 Shrink Wrapper and Tunnel
Inventory #: D3985

Used Arpac 105-36 Shrink Bundler and Tunnel with: Speeds: up to 30 bundles per minute Seal bar: 36 inches x 12 inch clearance Tunnel: dual blower with cooling fan section Film: clear Controls:...

F-5AHSS, T-7HSS photo
Shanklin F5AHSS Side Sealer and T7HSS Heat Tunnel
Inventory #: D3986

Used Shanklin F-5AHSS Side Sealer and T-7HSS Heat Shrink Tunnel with: Shanklin F-5HSS In-line Side Sealer Speeds: up to 75 packages per minute Package size range: Miminum: 3 inches...

PH16 photo
Polypack PH16 Shrink Bundler with Heat Tunnel
Inventory #: D3951

Used Polypack PH16 Shrink Bundler and Heat Tunnel with: Speeds: up to 30 bundles per minute Teflon coated hot knife seal bar Self-adjusting solid stainless steel rod tunnel conveyor Integrated double...

A-27A photo
Shanklin A27A L Bar Sealer and T7XL Heat Tunnel
Inventory #: D3841

Used Shanklin A-27A L-Bar Sealer and T7XL Heat Shrink Tunnel with: Shanklin A-27A L-Bar Sealer Speeds: up to 35 packages per minute Seal size: 21 inches wide x 33 inches long Seal method:...

M22 photo
Shanklin M22 Automatic Multipacker L Bar Sealer
Inventory #: D3955

Used Shanklin M-22 Automatic Multipacker L-Bar Sealer with: Fully automatic operation Accumulating infeed for orienting and grouping products Speeds: up to 15 bundles per minute Maximum bundle size:...

1620C, 93016LR photo
Sergeant 1620C LBar Sealer with Heat Shrink Tunnel
Inventory #: D3848

Used Sergeant Semi-Automatic L-Bar Sealer and Heat Shrink Tunnel with: Sergeant 1620C L-Bar Sealer Seal bar width: 16 inches Seal bar length: 20 inches Seal method: hot wire Maximum package...

KST802-912 photo
PDC KST802-912 Shrink Sleeve Steam Tunnel
Inventory #: D3838

Used PDC KST802-912 Shrink Sleeve Steam Tunnel and Conveyor and Boiler with: Stainless Steel Construction 110” Tunnel Length 12” Max Height opening 10” Max Width opening Tunnel...

PH24 photo
Polypack PH24 Shrink Bundler with Heat Tunnel
Inventory #: D3792

Used Polypack PH24 Shrink Bundler with Heat Tunnel with: Speeds: up to 10 bundles per minute Bundle size range: Minimum: 7.375 inches long x 4.375 inches wide x 1.875 inches high Maximum: 13...

VT122272 photo
Arpac VT122272 25" x 16" Heat Shrink Tunnel
Inventory #: D1374R

Used Arpac VT122272 Heat Shrink Tunnel with: Tunnel opening: 25 inches wide x 16 inches tall Conveyor dimensions: 22 inches wide x 96 inches long Conveyor height: 36 inches Allen-Bradley digital...

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