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Used Spray Coating Equipment

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This type of coating equipment is used to spray a liquid solution, such as oil or egg wash, onto a product. Spray coating equipment can be used to spray coating into a seasoning drum or tumbler, or it can be designed to apply a coating as the product travels on a conveyor.

R.A. photo
Wilevco R.A. Spray Applicator
Inventory #: D3144

Used Wilevco R.A. Spray Applicator with: Rugged and sanitary stainless steel construction Applies a wide range of coating viscosities 40 inch wide wire mesh belt Uniform coating with or without particulates...

Accela Cota 24 111 photo
Thomas Engineering Accela Cota Tablet Coater
Inventory #: D3084

Used Thomas Engineering Accela Cota Tablet Coater with: Opening: 24 inches Volume: .75 square feet 10 inch wide screen, 1/8 inch mesh 9.5 inch diameter feed hopper with damper 10 inch diameter...

Advanced Bakery Automatic Oil Sprayer
Inventory #: D2918

Used Advanced Bakery Automatic Oil Sprayer with: Top mounted dual head nozzles Conveyor dimensions: 58 inches long x 12 inches wide Chamber dimensions: 22 inches wide x 15 inches high 10.5 inch clearance...

Two Tank Oil Skid photo
A and B Process Systems Two Tank Oil Skid
Inventory #: D2201

Used A and B Process Systems Two Tank Oil Skid with: A and B spray coater Two stainless steel holding tanks Tank capacity: 20 Gallons each 2 horse power pump motor Touch screen controls ...

SS123COS photo
Fedco SS123COS Mist Coater with Conveyor
Inventory #: D2363

Used Fedco SS123COS Mist Coater with Conveyor with: (10) spin disc applicator 54 inch wide product coveyor

500/600 photo
Driacoater 500/600 Vario Coater
Inventory #: C7539

Used Driacoater 500/600 Vario Coater with: Batch size from 2 litre to 36 ltr Filtered air input Interchangeable polygonal drums are available for various batch sizes Comes with a second drum assembly...

48-V photo
Thomas Engineering 48 V Accela Coater
Inventory #: C7495

Used Thomas Engineering 48-V Accela Coater with: Dual spray coaters with blowers Forty eight (48) inch diameter perforated pan 304 stainless steel construction Air handling Hepa filter Reducer...

HC48/60 photo
Freund-Vector Hi-Coater Spray Coater
Inventory #: C8547R

Used Freund-Vector Hi-Coater Spray Coater with: Designed for aqueous and solvent film coating processes Fully perforated system Volume: Minimum: 25 liters Maximum: 100 liters ...

HC-130 STL SPL photo
Freund-Vector Hi-Coater HC-130 Tablet Coater
Inventory #: C8546R

Used Freund-Vector Hi-Coater HC-130 Pill Coater with: Designed for aqueous and solvent film coating processes Integrated plenum system Volume: Minimum: 112 liters Maximum: 210 liters...

7100-3PLC photo
Burford 7100-3PLC Hydraplate Bread Pan Oiler
Inventory #: C8913

Used Burford 7100-3PLC Hydraplate Bread Pan Oiler with: Right to left conveyor flow (Left hand) Stainless steel frame, cabinet, supports, and conveyor chain Programmable Pan selection process Allen...

KAPO photo
Ottenschlager KAPO Capsule Polisher
Inventory #: C9038

Used Ottenschlager KAPO Capsule Polisher with: Emergency Stop Control On/Off/Speed Controls 12 inch wide x 49 inch long polishing belt Used on Capsules, tablets, gel caps, soft gels, etc. Locking...

Foodesign "Quik-Coat" QSS-3AN-175 Coating Drum
Inventory #: C8524

Used Foodesign "Quik-Coat" QSS-3AN-175 Coating Drum with: Approximately 28 inch diameter x 74 inch long rotating drum On stainless steel framework Internal spray heads 12 inch x 18 inch...

820-6SP photo
Burford 820-6SP Pan Sprayer
Inventory #: C5066

Used Burford 820-6SP Pan Sprayer with: 6 head sprayer applicator Capable of spraying oil, melted butter, synthetic egg washes, and most pan oil Stainless steel construction

Jelly Concept photo
Boyens Jelly Sprayer
Inventory #: C4570

Used Boyens Jelly Sprayer with: Case of spray nozzles Table top unit Previously used to spray glaze and pectin

8830 photo
Burford 8830 Pan Oiling Applicator
Inventory #: C4081

Used Burford 8830 Pan Oil Applicator: Application: 3 individual spray rail assemblies to spray a controlled amount of garlic oil, soy or butter onto product without interruption to the pan flow Includes...

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