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Used Mettler-Toledo <3 Inches Checkweigher Belt Width Equipment

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MicroMate photo
Mettler Toledo MicroMate Checkweigher
Inventory #: D3272

Used Mettler Toledo MicroMate Checkweigher with: Capacity: 50 pounds Load area conveyor dimensions: 34 inches long x 12 inches wide Conveyor height: 34 inches Pneumatic reject system Exit chute...

XE photo
Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed XE Checkweigher
Inventory #: D2133R

Used Mettler Toledo Hi-Speed XE Checkweigher with: Maximum load: 20 kilograms Minimum load: 0.002 kilograms Left to right product flow Conveyor dimensions: 8 inches wide x 46 inches long Weighing...

Checkmate 2 photo
Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed Checkmate 2 Checkweigher
Inventory #: C9425R

Used Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed Checkmate 2 Checkweigher with: 3 belt checkweighing system Belt dimensions: Infeed: 21 inches long x 8 inches wide Weighing belt: 13 inches long x 8 inches wide...

Beltweigh XS photo
Mettler Toledo BeltWeigh XS Hi-Speed Checkweigher
Inventory #: D2084

Used Mettler Toledo Beltweigh XS Hi-Speed Checkweigher with: Capacity: up to 180 packages per minute Reject method: air jet push Reject chute for off-weight product Accuracy: ± 1-2g @ ±...

XS photo
Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed XS 8" W Checkweigher
Inventory #: C9231R

Used Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed XS Checkweigher with: Conveyor dimensions: 24.5 inches long x 8 inches wide Weighing area: 11 inches long x 8 inches wide Conveyor height: 40 inches Accuracy: +/-...

MicroMate 050530MI photo
Mettler-Toledo MicroMate 050530MI Checkweigher
Inventory #: C6963

Used Mettler-Toledo MicroMate 050530MI Checkweigher with: High speed checkweighing system Weighing range: 45 grams to 4500 grams Typical accuracy: +/- 1 gram Maximum rate: 250 pieces per minute,...

9476 EALB photo
Mettler-Toledo 9476EALB Checkweigher
Inventory #: C3892

Used Mettler-Toledo 9476EALB Checkweigher with: Approximately 18 inch wide x 36 inch long belt 250 pound weight capacity Mettler Toledo 94800001 control Touch-pad controls Electrical requirements:...

0317 photo
Mettler-Toledo 0317 Inline Scale and Autolabeler
Inventory #: B9185

Used Mettler-Toledo 0317 Inline Scale and Autolabeler with: 2 section of conveyor: 10 inches wide x 18 inches long (total 36 inches long) Tamp label applicator Application: automatically indexes, weighs...

ADV photo
Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed ADV Checkweigher
Inventory #: B8933

Used Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed ADV Checkweigher with: Roller conveyor: 36 inches wide 3/4 inch gap between rollers Weighing area belt: 40 1/2 inches wide Total unit is 10 feet long

9480 Expressweigh photo
Mettler Toledo 9480 Expressweigh Checkweigher
Inventory #: B6812

Used Mettler Toledo 9480 Expressweigh Checkweigher with: Smooth belt conveyor 18 inches wide x 34 inches long Push button control With load cells Motor driven

Beltweigh photo
Mettler Toledo Beltweigh Checkweigher
Inventory #: B8996

Used Mettler Toledo Beltweigh Checkweigherwith: Up to 350 packages per minute Suitable for cartons, bags, bars, pouches and bottles Checkweighing range: Up to 15 lbs Package size ranges:...

ML-6-CM6000GI-XSP / XS / photo
Mettler Toledo XL Six Lane Checkweigher W/ Reject
Inventory #: B4632R

Used Mettler Toledo Six Lane Checkweigher with: 2 inch wide smooth belt 6 lanes Weighing range per lane: .002 kilograms to 20 kilograms 21.5 inch x 1.5 inch weigh area Touchscreen interface...

CM6500G1-MM photo
Mettler Toledo Hi-Speed Checkweigher System
Inventory #: B5348

Used Mettler Toledo Hi-Speed Checkweigher System with: In line balance Reject station Temperature: 0 - 30 degrees Celsius Humidity: 100% non-condensing Enclosure: Nema 12X epoxy painted

Hi-Speed photo
Mettler Toledo Micromate High Speed Checkweigher
Inventory #: B3155R

Used Mettler Toledo Micromate High Speed Checkweigher with: Three belt check weigher system (3) smooth belt conveyors Motor driven Stainless steel construction Leveling legs Protective...

E3-DMS photo
Garvens E3 Belt Checkweigher Bottle Side Transfers
Inventory #: A8733R

Used Garvens E3 Checkweigher with: Highly accurate Weigh area is 13 1/2 inches long x 5 inches wide High speed Stainless steel design Operator panel Infeed side transfer belts for stable transfer...

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