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Used Mettler-Toledo Equipment

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CM6500G1-MM photo
Mettler Toledo Hi-Speed Checkweigher System
Inventory #: B5348

Used Mettler Toledo Hi-Speed Checkweigher System with: In line balance Reject station Temperature: 0 - 30 degrees Celsius Humidity: 100% non-condensing Enclosure: Nema 12X epoxy painted

Magna Switch DVSGT PLC photo
Hi-Speed Magna Switch DVSGT PLC Platen Divider
Inventory #: B3755

Used Hi-Speed Magna Switch DVSGT PLC with: 1 to 2 laner Dimensions: 49.5 inches width 84 inches length Platen: 20 inches width Smooth transfer...

Hi-Speed photo
Mettler Toledo Micromate High Speed Checkweigher
Inventory #: B3155R

Used Mettler Toledo Micromate High Speed Checkweigher with: Three belt check weigher system (3) smooth belt conveyors Motor driven Stainless steel construction Leveling legs Protective...

Starweigh - CM photo
Starweigh Hi-Speed Checkmate 2 Bottle Checkweigher
Inventory #: B3171R

Used Starweigh-CM Hi-Speed Checkmate 2 Checkweigher with: Used for filled bottle detection Digital controls Checkmate 2 control screen interface Stainless steel construction Adjustable machine...

8511 photo
Mettler-Toledo 8511 Low Profile Floor Scale
Inventory #: B3060

Used Mettler-Toledo 8511 Floor Scale with: Low profile Portable for ease of use Push button controls Heavy duty base Slip resistant scale surface

E3-DMS photo
Garvens E3 Belt Checkweigher Bottle Side Transfers
Inventory #: A8733R

Used Garvens E3 Checkweigher with: Highly accurate Weigh area is 13 1/2 inches long x 5 inches wide High speed Stainless steel design Operator panel Infeed side transfer belts for stable transfer...

Hi-Speed Mettler Toledo Q4S161003SB Checkweigher
Inventory #: A8902R

Used Hi-Speed Mettler Toledo Q4S161003SB with: Three belt system 9 inch wide belts 48 inches long Air reject

Chain weigh photo
Mettler Toledo Chain Weigh 2 Belt Checkweigher
Inventory #: A8923R

Used Mettler Toledo 3 Belt Checkweigher with: (3) belts Smooth infeed belt Chain weighing belt 33 inches long x 4.5 inches wide Plastic chain outfeed belt Push button...

EZweigh photo
Mettler-Toledo HiSpeed EzWeigh Scale Conveyor
Inventory #: A7659R

Used Mettler-Toledo HiSpeed EzWeigh Scale Conveyor with: 3-belt checkweigher system Air reject Touchscreen HMI Part Number iL-01C-0001-05 Conveyor dimensions: 7.75 inches wide x 47 inches long...

MM photo
Mettler Checkweigher with Side Transfers Belts
Inventory #: A6427R

Used Mettler Checkweigher with Side Transfers Belts with: Unit is equipped with infeed and outfeed side transfer belts for the safe conveying of bottles on weigh cell belt 2 1/2 inch wide belt on weigh...

H80 photo
Mettler H80 Scale
Inventory #: A5653

Mettler H80 Scale : Complete working order. Scale have been calibrated every 3 months for many years. Mettler H80 160g capacity with 0.1mg deviation.

TS photo
Mettler Toledo TS Hi-Speed Checkweigher
Inventory #: A3421

Used Mettler Toledo TS Hi-Speed Checkweigher with: Touch screen

Checkmate 2 photo
HiSpeed Checkmate 2 Checkweigher for Small Product
Inventory #: A5055

Mettler Toledo High Speed Checkweigher with: 3 separate drive zones with product carrying chains. Zones include pacing belt, weigh platform belt and reject belt Chain is 2.5 inch wide at pacing Chain...

S2 photo
Garvens S2 Checkweigher W/ Open-Flap Detection
Inventory #: A4676

Used Garvens S2 Checkweigher with: Designed to check-weigh packages such as cartons filled with product against pre-set parameters Product will pass through 'open-flap' detection, where photo-electric...

Champ / CD-11 photo
Mettler-Toledo Checkweigher CD-11 Static Weigher
Inventory #: A3650R

Used Mettler-Toledo Ohaus Champ Checkweigher with: Mettler-Toledo Weigh scale is 12"x 12" Checkweigher brings product into weigh zone and halts belt as weigh cell lifts product off of belting...

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