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We have buyers needing the specific equipment below.

If you have any of the following equipment, or similar, available for sale, please contact the SIGMA Sales Team or click to submit your equipment online. Wanted requests are active for 30 days or until found.

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Item Needed Category Added
Membrane Skinner for Gulf FishMeat Processing Equipment5/13/2017Sell Meat Processing Equipment
Videojet 1710 Ink Jet CoderInk Jet Coder/ Coder5/12/2017Sell Ink Jet Coder
Cretors or A.C. Horn Popcorn PufferMiscellaneous Equipment5/12/2017Sell Miscellaneous Equipment
4 Compartment Insulated SS Tank, with Lid1000+ Gallon SS Jacketed Tanks/ Jacketed Tanks/ Tank, Stainless Steel5/12/2017Sell 1000+ Gallon SS Jacketed Tanks
Cleveland MKGL-40-T Gas Tilt Kettle<99 Gallon Stainless Steel Kettle/ Kettle5/12/2017Sell <99 Gallon Stainless Steel Kettle
Eastey 1608 Heat Tunnel, Coated Roller Conveyor 6-10 Inches Heat Tunnel Height/ Heat Shrink Tunnel/ Shrink Equipment5/12/2017Sell  6-10 Inches Heat Tunnel Height
800lb Double Sigma Arm MixerDouble Sigma Mixer/ Sigma Arm Mixer/ Mixer and Blender5/12/2017Sell Double Sigma Mixer
Overwrapper for 1lb Butter BlocksFolded Film Overwrapper/ Wrapper5/11/2017Sell Folded Film Overwrapper
Mettler Toledo Impact S Counter ScaleTable Top Scale/ Scale5/11/2017Sell Table Top Scale
Biro 3334 Band SawMeat Processing Equipment5/11/2017Sell Meat Processing Equipment
500lb Mepaco surge tankTank, Stainless Steel5/11/2017Sell Tank, Stainless Steel
Hobart 1730LB-1 L-Bar SealerL-Bar Sealer, Manual/ Shrink Equipment5/11/2017Sell L-Bar Sealer, Manual
skidded CIP systemBottle Rinser, Water/ Cleaner5/11/2017Sell Bottle Rinser, Water
Mepaco 170, 3500 lb capacity cooker mixerMixer and Blender5/11/2017Sell Mixer and Blender
Revent Modular Plus Deck OvenOven5/10/2017Sell Oven
Foodtools Cake slicer CS-8AW-1Cutter and Slicer5/10/2017Sell Cutter and Slicer
Breddo LORSS Jacketed Likwifier 50-100 GallonsLiquefier Blender/ Mixer and Blender5/10/2017Sell Liquefier Blender
Plastic Bagger for Individual Plastic Cups, 140ppmBread Bagger/ Wrapper5/10/2017Sell Bread Bagger
Howe Richardson G17 Bag Filler & Stitch Bag SealerSewing and Stitching Bag Sealer/ Bag Sealer5/10/2017Sell Sewing and Stitching Bag Sealer
Ingersoll Rand Nirvana IRN100H-CC Air CompressorAir Compressor/ Air Handling Equipment5/10/2017Sell Air Compressor
Electric, water shrink tunnels, 12" w x 6" h <6 Inches Heat Tunnel Height/ Heat Shrink Tunnel/ Shrink Equipment5/9/2017Sell  <6 Inches Heat Tunnel Height
Handtmann VF-616 Stuffer w/ LinkerExtruder5/9/2017Sell Extruder
Taylor Products V1100 Form Fill and SealForm, Fill and Seal5/9/2017Sell Form, Fill and Seal
ITW Dynatec Dynamelt Hot Glue UnitGlue Unit5/9/2017Sell Glue Unit
Metal Detector 8 In High x 25 In W ApertureMetal Detector, Conveyor/ Product Inspection5/9/2017Sell Metal Detector, Conveyor

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