Adco Cartoner Conversion

SIGMA Equipment reconditions and rebuilds an Adco Cartoner from its inventory, including the complete construction of missing infeed section, and converts the closure style from tuck to hot melt glue.


SIGMA Equipment received an Adco 15DBC105­EC Barrel Cam Automatic Cartoner in inventory that was missing a section of its infeed and was showing general signs of heavy use and wear. In order to make the machine customer-­ready for resale, SIGMA’s shop technicians would need to recondition the cartoner and build a three ­foot section to complete the infeed. The addition of a hot melt glue unit would also convert the machine from tuck­style to glue closure.


Build Infeed Section

Using the profile of the existing section as a guide, SIGMA’s shop technicians created detailed drawings of the new infeed section needing to be fabricated. New shafts and sprockets were sourced to replace those missing. To help with belt control, take up bearings were added to hold belt tension during operation, and chain support guides were added to the underside of the belt. The infeed addition could then be assembled, welded and bolted onto the existing section, and the chain belt put into place.


A CO2 Blast machine was first used to remove a thick layer of dirt and residue that had built up on the machine. This system uses soft dry ice in a pressurized air stream, similar in technique to sand blasting, but is non­abrasive and carries less risk of damage. With the dirt layer and all loose paint removed, a new coat of paint was applied to the exterior of the machine. Following a thorough inspection, all worn or missing parts were replaced. New plexiglass guarding was also added, completing the reconditioning process.

Tuck to Glue Closure

To convert the cartoner to a hot melt glue closure, obsolete plows for the tuck­style carton were removed. SIGMA shop technicians then mounted brackets and ran wiring to support the addition of a Dynatec hot melt glue unit. Photo eyes were added along the package’s path to detect product and trigger the valves of the glue head. After thoroughly flushing the tank and tubing, the machine was ready for glue application.


To test the finished barrel cam cartoner’s operation, the machine was set to size for sample cartons. The adjustments on this machine included changing the spacing between chain lugs, setting the magazine to the correct carton size, and adjusting the vacuum pickup points for proper chain placement. Several functional tests were successfully conducted with sample product at a continuous rate of 90 cartons per minute.

The reconditioned Adco cartoner is now available for customer purchase and ready for immediate production, with an estimated savings of $80,000 over purchasing similar equipment new.

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