All-Fill PW-12 Checkweigher

Equipment Type Checkweigher, Belt
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Date Added 8/27/2015 12:02:00 PM

SIGMA reconditions and retools an All-Fill Checkweigher from its inventory, including outfeed conveyor reconstruction, belt and motor replacements, and deep cleaning.


SIGMA Equipment received an All-Fill PW-12 Checkweigher that was missing an outfeed conveyor, and in need of new belts. The machine showed signs of heavy use and wear, and was not production ready. As SIGMA technicians carried out the repairs, they discovered that the infeed conveyor motor shaft and splined drive gear were worn beyond repair, and needed replacement.


Outfeed Conveyor

The outfeed conveyor for the unit was missing when the machine arrived at SIGMA’s warehouse. Technicians ordered new parts from All-Fill, and completely rebuilt the outfeed conveyor.

Infeed Conveyor

After the unit was put through a power up test, technicians discovered that the infeed conveyor motor shaft and splined drive gear were worn beyond repair. The technicians replaced the worn parts.


The unit had previously been used heavily, and was covered in residue and grease. Technicians cleaned the machine using cleaning tools to remove the worse of the build-up. More finely detailed cleaning was carried out using cleanser and rags. The technicians took care not to expose the checkweigher to water, which can ruin the electrical components.

Belt Replacement

The worn and frayed belts were replaced with new belts from a local supplier. After the belts were installed, technicians tracked the belts and debugged the unit to confirm proper functionality.

Stacklight Replacement

The unit’s stacklights were crushed when it came into the shop. Technicians replaced the stacklights and tested for functionality.


The equipment was tested to ensure all parts were functioning together properly. A video of the now-operational machine was produced and placed on the SIGMA Equipment website.

The equipment was made available for purchase, and was sold within six months. The customer who purchased it needed an immediately available machine for an expansion of a nutriceuticals product. By purchasing this equipment the customer saved 50%, or approximately $10,000 over purchasing similar equipment new.

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