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This equipment removed excess moisture from air lines and hoses.

1600HSEW400 photo
Zeks 1600HSEW400 Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer
Inventory #: D7090Can Rent

Used Zeks 1600HSEW400 Air Dryer with: Refrigerated compressed air dryer Incorporates a cycling operation to automatically cycle the dryer refrigerant compressor on and off to maintain stored cooling energy...

250HSGA500 photo
Zeks 250HSGA500 Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer
Inventory #: D5912Can Rent

Used Zeks 250HSGA500 Air Dryer with: Removes moisture and contaminants from compressed air by chilling the air to a temperature that causes the moisture in the air to condense and form droplets which are...

RNC1500W4 photo
Gardner Denver RNC-1500-W4 Refrigerated Air Dryer
Inventory #: C4651Can Rent

Used Gardner Denver Refrigerated Air Dryer with: Compressed air dryer Water cooled Rated capacity: 1500 SCFM at 100 PSIG and 100 degrees Fahrenheit Maximum working pressure: 200 PSIG Maximum...

DXR75 photo
Ingersoll Rand DXR75 Compressed Air Dryer
Inventory #: B7188Can Rent

Used Ingersoll Rand DXR75 Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer with: 250 max inlet air pressure (psig) 130 degrees Fahrenheit Max inlet air temp 1 inch diameter inlet pipe fitting .75 diameter outlet...

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