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This type of form, fill, and seal machine forms gable top containers out of polyethylene-coated paperboard. A gable top form, fill, and seal machine folds in the sides of the top opening of a container, and creates a closure similar to the top of a tent. Often, one side of the closure can be opened to create a spout, such as the spout on a milk carton.

Form, fill, and seal machines that create aseptic brick pack containers use polyethylene and aluminum-coated paper. These containers commonly have spouts with lids, and some have a spot for a straw to puncture, such as juice boxes.

Nimco Gable Top Carton Erector Filler Series 5500
Inventory #: C4710Can Rent

Used Nimco Gable Top Carton Erector and Filler with: Run rates 1 pint cartons 50 per minute 1 quart cartons 40 per minute Currently running 3.25 inch...

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