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This category includes jaw and impulse sealers, which uses a short burst of electricity through a heating wire to fuse the opening of a bag. A jaw and impulse sealer can be hand operated, foot pedal operated, or automatic. To operate a hand sealer, a person positions a plastic bag on the bottom jaw, and pushes the upper jaw down against the bottom jaw. A foot pedal operated sealer leaves both hands free to handle the bag, and the foot pedal activates the movement of the upper jaw. The automatic sealer uses a timer to tell the jaws when to close, and a person positions the bag between the jaws before they shut. An automatic can also use a foot pedal. Impulse bag sealers can seal products such as snack food and shredded cheese packages.

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6500 Titan Automatic Rollbag photo
Allied Automation 6500 Titan Automatic Rollbag
Inventory #: G5258Can Rent

Used Allied Automaticn 6500 Titan Automatic Rollbag with: Designed for dispensing and sealing pre-formed bags from a roll 13 inch seal bar Foot pedal operated with automatic cycle option Variable...

HDB-42-VS photo
Aline HDB-42-VS Bag Vacuum Seal Machine
Inventory #: C2383Can Rent

Used Aline HDB-42-VS Bag Vacuum Sealing Machine with: Vacuum bag sealer Seal bar width: 45 inches Flat band element width: 1.25 inches Smartwire heating element Adjustable sealing height ...

Medpac GA30 photo
PAC Medpac GA30 Bag Sealer
Inventory #: A5443Can Rent

Used PAC MEDPAC GA30 Bag Sealer with: Floor standing with wheels 30 inch long seal Standard jaw selector switch allows one or both jaws to supply heat Can seal a wide variety of pouch materials including:...

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