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Film packaging is the most effective and economic way of producing multipacks of products for distribution and shipment purposes. Shrink wrap equipment is used to package products in a film that is heat shrunk around the product to create a very tight seal. There are many types of shrink equipment including shrink tunnels, lap sealers, automatic and manual L-bar sealers, multipackers, and side sealers. Once your product is wrapped in shrink film, it passes through a heat tunnel, which shrinks the film closely around the product.

Capra 120LS-SS photo
Arpac Capra 120LS-SS Shrink Bundler
Inventory #: B5467Featured Can Rent

Used Arpac Capra 120LS-SS Shrink Bundler with: Lugged infeed dimensions: 90 inches long x 21 inches wide Lug centers: 23 inches Infeed height: 35.5 inches Outfeed height: 35.5 inches Vacuum...

Shanklin 19" Wide x 7" Tall Heat Shrink Tunnel
Inventory #: B5314Can Rent

Used Shanklin 19" Wide x 7" Tall Heat Shrink Tunnel with: Heat tunnel opening: 19 inches wide x 7.5 inches tall Conveyor dimensions: 96 inches long x 16 inches wide Stainless steel construction...

T-6XL photo
Shanklin Single Chamber Heat Tunnel
Inventory #: B6261Can Rent

Used Single Chamber Heat Tunnel with: Wire rod conveyor 57.5 inch length x 11.25 inch width Conveyor elevation 39 inches from ground Tunnel aperture 30.5 inch length x 18 inch width x 7 inch height...

ACT photo
RBS Equipment Live Roller Heat Shrink Tunnel
Inventory #: B9397Can Rent

Used RBS Equipment Live Roller Heat Shrink Tunnel with: Aperture opening 10 inches tall x 20 inch wide 48 inch long heat chamber Live roller conveyor Variable heat control

B2RA photo
Shanklin B2-RA Shrink Bundler
Inventory #: B5767Can Rent

Used Shanklin B2-RA Shrink Bundler with : 23 3/4 inch wide x 29 inch long infeed conveyor 32 inch long seal bar 16 inch tall x 36 inch wide aperture Currently set to 33 inches from the ground ...

T7PR photo
Shanklin T7PR Heat Tunnel 22"W x 12" High Opening
Inventory #: B5776Can Rent

Used Shanklin T7PR Heat Tunnel with: Single heat zone Rated for up to 120 feet per minute Tunnel dimensions: 22 inches wide x 12 inches tall x 72 inches long Live roller conveyor: 119 inches long...

2218 REC photo
Texwrap 2218 Automatic L Bar Sealer
Inventory #: B8261Featured Can Rent

Used TEXWRAP 2218 Intermittent Motion Automatic L-Bar Sealer with: Maximum product size: 22 inch length x 18 inch width Automatic L bar sealer Selvage winder Cross seal 18 inches wide Side seal...

F43 - Stretch bander photo
MultiPack F43 Stretch Bander Mini-Bundler
Inventory #: B5152Can Rent

Used MultiPack Bundler 8422 with: Bundler capable of creating stack pattern and then stretch banding entire stack Up to 45 packs per minute depending on pattern Polyethylene Belt conveyor 9.5 wide...

7141A photo
Weldotron Heat Shrink Tunnel 14" Wide x 6" Tall
Inventory #: B6589Can Rent

Used Weldotron Heat Shrink Tunnel with: Heat tunnel aperture 16 inches wide x 8 inches height x 59 i inches length Electronic temperature controls Temperature range up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit ...

T-62SS photo
Shanklin T-62SS Heat Tunnel
Inventory #: B5500Can Rent

Shanklin T-62SS heat Tunnel: Dual Chamber Heat Tunnel Mesh conveyor 92 inches length x 14 inches width Tunnel aperture 61 inch length x 17.5 inch width x 11 inch height Conveyor elvation 38 inches...

HP-10Z photo
Hanagata HP 10Z Automatic L Bar Sealer
Inventory #: B6269Can Rent

Used Hanagata HP10 Z Automatic LBar Sealer with: Stainless steel frame design Infeed Belt: Outfeed Belt: Conveyor Elevation: Casters for Mobility Adjustable Height Levelers Adjustable...

A26 photo
Shanklin A26 Automatic L Bar Sealer
Inventory #: B6017Can Rent

Used Shanklin A-26 Automatic L-Bar Sealer with: 19 inch long heated seal jaw 21 inch side seal Seal size 15 inches wide x 21 inches long Maximum product height: 4.5 inches Minimum product length:...

3707 / M32R photo
BFB 3707 Automatic Shrink Bundler T32 Heat Tunnel
Inventory #: B5164Can Rent

Used BFB 3707 Automatic Bundler: Collator, shrink bander and shrink tunnel to tighten pack after banding Fully Automatic Speeds up to 10 to 25 package per minute Maximum bundle size...

A23 photo
Shanklin A23 Automatic L Bar Sealer
Inventory #: B5006Can Rent

Used Shanklin A23 Automatic L-Bar Sealer with: Speeds up to 40 packages per minute In-feed conveyor is 24 inches length x 12 inches wide Out-feed conveyor is 18 inches length Seal area is...

Douglas Shrink Wrapper and Heat Tunnel
Inventory #: B3656Featured Can Rent

Used Douglas Shrink Wrapper and Heat Tunnel with: Rebuilt in 2007 Digital heat tunnel temperature controls Heat tunnel dimensions 31 inches wide x 11 inches tall x 106 length Heat tunnel conveyor...

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