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Non-stainless steel tanks include tanks made of carbon steel, fiberglass, plastic or poly, glass-lined and other materials. They are available as single-walled or jacketed, with or without an agitator, and vertical or horizontal. Depending on the tank material, non-stainless steel tanks that are used for food must have a food grade coating on them. Many tanks are used for storage of water and chemicals, while some are used for melting chocolate and other confections.

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XJ-30AM photo
34 Gallon Poly Tank and .30 HP Lightning Mixer
Inventory #: A3051Can Rent

Used 34 Gallon Poly Tank with: 34 Gallon capacity Poly plastic tank Mixer & Cart with controls Lightnin Mixer .30 Hp, rpm range 70-450. Serial Number pol337346-06. 230/460 volts, 1.3/.65 amps, 60 HZ, SF1.15....

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