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B&P Littleford designs and builds a wide spectrum of mixing, drying, compounding, reacting, extracting and centrifugal separation equipment for many different manufacturing applications.

KM-600-D photo
Littleford KM-600-D 11 Cubic Foot Plow Mixer
Inventory #: D4416

Used Littleford KM-600-D Plow Mixer with: Carbon steel construction Continuous mixer Working capacity: 11 cubic feet (159) gallons 10 inch x 14 inch flanged product inlet Mounting brackets for...

FKM1200 photo
Littleford FKM1200 E Jacketed Paddle Blender
Inventory #: D4206

Used Littleford FKM1200 E Jacketed Paddle Blender with: 100 PSI Hydraulic drive 100 HP Jacket PSI: 75 Provisions for two choppers 43.3 total cubic feet 26 cubic feet working capacity FV...

CB-100 photo
Littleford CB-100 Processor
Inventory #: B7527

Used Littleford CB-100 Processor: Horizontal clamshell-type mixing chamber Designed for continuous processing of materials that require shear input rates Heavy duty construction Stainless 350...

FM-130-D photo
Littleford FM-130-D Plow Mixer
Inventory #: B5023

Used Littleford FM-130-D Plow Mixer with: 56 hours on the machine Plow mixer with intensifier 5 and 7.5 horsepower motors Total volume: 4.6 cubic foot Product contact material: 304 stainless...

FKM-1200E photo
Littleford FKM-1200E Horizontal Plow Mixer
Inventory #: B2661

Used Littleford FKM-1200E Horizontal Plow Mixer with: Jacketed 75 horsepower motor to gear box Carbon steel contact parts Bolt on plow blades (3) folded top ports (2) side inspection doors...

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