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FILTEC is dedicated exclusively to the development, manufacture, sales and support of high-quality, state-of-the-art inspection and laser coding systems. FILTEC caters to the beverage, brewing, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and general packaging industries and offer a complete line of Empty Bottle, Fill Level, Case Inspectors, Filler Management, and Laser Coding Systems. line of products offer a wide range of features and options customized to meet our clients needs. Industrial Dynamics is a prolific manufacturer of inspection equipment in terms of market share, dollar, and unit volume.

FT-50/PKG-0504 photo
Filtec FT-50 Fill Level Inspection Unit
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Used Filltec FT-50 Fill Level Inspection Unit with: Provides high speed overfill or underfill fill level container inspection Utilizes a container radiation profile comparison to create a radiation fingerprint...

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