Used ACASI CA-5200 Inline Capping Machine

ACASI CA-5200 Inline Capping Machine
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Equipment Details

Inventory # C8208
Item ACASI CA-5200 Inline Capping Machine
Category Automatic Capping Machine
Spindle Capper
Manufacturer   ACASI Machinery
Model CA-5200
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Equipment Description

Used ACASI CA-5200 Inline Capping Machine with:

  • Tightener features
    •  Fully adjustable for caps from 8 mm to 110 mm
    •  Fully adjustable from 1 inch to 14 inch high containers
    •  Heavy duty 304 Stainless steel welded C frame
    • Stainless steel top and bottom belt plates
    • All shafts from ¼ to 2.5 inches manufactured in 304 stainless steel
    • Six capping discs, with bottom screws change over
    • Direct gear motor transmission through coupling for capping belts movement
    • Chain power transmission for capping discs
    • DC gear motor for independent speed control of gripper belts
    • DC motor for independent speed of capping discs
    • Capping discs adjustment by stainless steel frontal knobs, with lock nut hand wheel
    • Capper height adjustment by central 7000 mechanical jack
    • Gripper belt adjustment by hand wheel
    • No change parts needed for a wide range of containers
  • Cap Transfer features
    • All contact parts in stainless steel
    • Fully adjustable for caps from 8 mm to 110 mm in diameter
    • Fully adjustable for caps from 5 mm to 52 mm high
    • Height and diameter adjustment
    • Four way slotted or guided transfer between upper C and cap shoe
  • Centrifugal type cap feeder features 
    • Construction in stainless steel
    • Cap rejecting by photoelectric sensor
    • Cap by demand controlled by photoelectric sensor
    • Standard 4 piece slotted cross for easy tooling adjustment
    • Easy changeover for caps from 10mm to 90mm in diameter
    • Easy changeover for caps from 0.125 to 2.5 inches in height
    • Sorter mounted on machine, no need for independent height adjustment
    • Includes filter pressure regulator
    • Flow controls on all air hoses
    • Adjustable vibration system on cap hopper
    • Force provided by 1/3 Hp DC gear motor
    • Speed control by potentiometer
  • Cap hopper features
    • 3 cubic fee3t stainless steel deposit
    • Vibrator with independent control mounted on capper hopper
    • Low friction limit switch for cap level sensing on centrifugal cap feeder
  • Torque Adjustment
    • Four clutches for individual torque adjustment
  • Double belt assembly
    • Two additional gripper belt drive for bottle holding

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Inspection Details

Location South East USA

This machine is located at a client’s facility in South East USA. To coordinate an inspection of this item, please contact your SIGMA sales team.

Call us at (812) 303-8383
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