Used Advanced IQF 36/3.2-18/4.5 18 Tier Spiral Freezer

Advanced IQF 3632-1845 18 Tier Spiral Freezer
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Equipment Details

Inventory # C8946
Item Advanced IQF 36/3.2-18/4.5 18 Tier Spiral Freezer
Category Freezer
Spiral Freezer
Manufacturer   Advanced Equipment Inc
Model 36/3.2-18/4.5
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Equipment Description

Used Advanced IQF 36/3.2-18/4.5 18 Tier Spiral Freezer with:

  • Designed to freeze or chill delicate products such as meat patties, fish sticks, chicken parts, shrimp, prepared foods, etc., which could easily experience product damage problems
  • Products are fed directly from the production line onto the loading freezer belt. The belt quickly transports the product into the low temperature freezing zone; carrying it in a spiral along a rotating drum. When it reaches the top of the drum, the belt runs out of the freezer discharge port and gently discharges the product
  • 3 1/8" inch clearance
  • 3 foot wide x approximately 600 foot long belt
  • 2 horsepower variable speed belt drive
  • All stainless steel, heavy duty, spiral telescopic belting can be extended to change the pitch of the links
  • Belt operates at low tension, so as not to wear out the belt and achieve smooth operation
  • (2) 15 horsepower fans
  • Refrigerant type: R22
  • Push button controls

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Additional Details

Equipment Size 300" L × 216" W × 144" H
Distance between tiers:4.8 Inches
Belt Length:800 Feet
Belt Width:3 Foot
Tiers:18 Tiers
Circulation Fans:2

Product Information

Inspection Details

Location North Central, USA

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