Used Arpac 105-60 High Speed Shrink Bundler and Tunnel

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Arpac 105-60 High Speed Shrink Bundler and Tunnel
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Equipment Details

Inventory # D2770
Item Arpac 105-60 High Speed Shrink Bundler and Tunnel
Category Shrink Equipment
Multipacker and Bundler
Manufacturer   ARPAC
Model 105-60
Year 2006
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Equipment Description

Used Arpac 105-60 Shrink Tunnel with:

  • The 105 SERIES shrink bundlers are designed to handle large stacks of products
  • This unit is equipped with the optional side seal mechanism that creates packages with a full enclosure for increased product protection during distribution.
  • Unit is supplied with a 61" wide seal bar with a clearance of 12"
  • Maximum film width of 58".
  • Product Length (flow direction) - 10 to 108 in
  • Product Height Range - 2 to 11 in
  • Film Gauge up to 3 mil
  • Film type is low density polyethylene (L.D.P.E)
  • Other Film Specifications - Clear or randomly printed film roll
  • Core of film roll up to 3 inches
  • The inline shrink bundlers are Arpac's most basic shrink bundling systems, available in semi or fully automatic, intermittent or continuous motion versions.
  • Designed to handle an array of stable products, these machines are typically used to shrink wrap individual items, boxes, trays and bundles of multiple products.
  • A rugged, simple design makes the inline bundlers ideal for shrink bundling nearly any flat product, including very large products, such as tables, chairs, shingles, doors, windows and pizza boxes.
  • Economical in price and simple to use, the inline shrink bundlers are ideal machines to fulfill basic shrink packaging needs.
  • 2 telescoping and 2 fixed film racks accomodate up to four 14" dia. rolls of film.
  • Unit includes jib crane option for loading large rolls of film
  • Powered speed pinch roll film feed system for positive film feed.
  • Central point lubrication allows for routine maintenance without stopping production.
  • Allen-Bradley programmable logic controller with Arpac standard operator interface.
  • Digital controls for conveyor speeds, timing, and temperature settings for fast accurate setup when changing product size and film.
  • NEMA 12 electrical cabinet and controls.
  • Heavy-duty rugged construction designed for durability and around-the-clock operations.
  • Laser cut components for maximum precision.
  • Low film alert to warn of a film changeover.
  • Possible products that can run on this unit are:  Trayed product, Rolled product, Floor mats, Pizza boxes, Doors, Windows, Roofing shingles, Ceiling tiles, Ceramic tiles, Ice cream, Tables and Chairs, Newspapers
  • Five belt sections
  • Infeed plastic chain: 51" long x 45 7/8" wide
  • Metering plastic chain: 23 1/2" long x 45 7/8" wide
  • Third plastic chain: 25" long x 56 7/8" wide
  • Three belt section: 43" long x 3" wide (outside two, center belt is 5" wide)
  • Outfeed / heat tunnel plastic chain: 130" long x 60" wide
  • Conveyor elevation pictured at 34" above the floor
  • Aperture: 64" wide x 21 1/2" high
  • Personnel guarding
  • Indication light
  • Last used 57" wide film
  • Dual outfeed cooling fans
  • SLC5/03 CPU Processor
  • 1740 RPM, 1 1/2 HP Baldor motor
  • Adjustable height

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Location Evansville, IN

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