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Used 52" Wide Cookie Extruder and 40" Wide Conveyor

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Equipment Details

Inventory # D1950
Item 52" Wide Cookie Extruder and 40" Wide Conveyor
Category Extruder
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Equipment Description

Used Cookie Dough Extruder with:

  • Dough extruder:
    • Throat depth:  76 inches
    • Extruding height:  44.5 inches
    • Hopper dimensions:  52 inches wide x 15 inches long x 15 inches deep
    • Casters
  • Bottom conveyor dimensions:  150 inches long x 40 inches wide
  • Top conveyor dimensions:  95 inches long x 39 inches wide
  • Scrap return conveyor for scrap dough.  System is designed for dough sheeting scrap removal.  Scrap dough is pulled onto the overhead conveyor to be reloaded into the dough extruder
  • Stainless steel construction

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Additional Details

Operation Type:Automatic
Previous Product:Cookies

Product Information

Last Ran Cookies

Inspection Details

Location Evansville, IN

This machine is located at SIGMA Equipment's warehouses in Evansville, IN. You are always welcome to visit, however we request 48 hours notice to ensure access to your requested machine.

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