Used Bongard Four Rotatif 10.60 M\G Gas Rotary Oven

Bongard Four Rotatif 1060 MG Gas Rotary Oven
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Equipment Details

Inventory # C1623
Item Bongard Four Rotatif 10.60 M\G Gas Rotary Oven
Category Oven
Single Rack Oven
Manufacturer   Bongard
Model Four Rotatif 10.60 M\G
Year 1996
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Equipment Description

Used Bongard Four Rotatif 10.60 M\G Gas Rotary Oven with:

  • Rack oven for 
    • 180 to 216 baguettes of 250 g on 18 levels 
    •  108 to 135 loaves of 400 g on 15 
  • Polished stainless steel front
  • Tool holder B
  • Blade holder 
  • Control protection bumper 
  • Baking chamber 
    • Stainless steel 
    • Adjustable blowing slit 
    • Halogen lighting  
    • Driven by gear motor with torque reducer 
  • Heat exchanger 
    • High performance refractory stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Access ramp 
    • Retractable access ramp for a perfect and durable door tightness
  • Door 
    • 150 mm with double anchoring 
    • Door seals on 4 sides 
    • Over-dimensioned hinges
    • Removable ventilated double-glazing  
    • Ergonomic handle 
  • Steam generator
    • Steam generator composed of structured gutters in cast-iron  
    • Multi-level injection pipe 
  • Steam vent 
    • 2 electric steam dampers  
    • Programmable steam evacuation 
  • Insulation 
    • Performant insulation by crossed rock wool panel
  • Oven particularly designed large rack payload 
  • Very good energy yield 
  • High inertia owing to the mass of the lateral heat exchanger 
  • Slow ventilation avoiding drying of products 
  • Technical accessibility by the front of the oven 

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Additional Details

Heat System:Gas

Product Information

Last Ran Bread

Inspection Details

Location Eastern Canada

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