Used Solbern Egg Roll Production Line

Solbern Egg Roll Production Line
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Equipment Details

Equipment # G4472
Item Solbern Egg Roll Production Line
Category Complete Line
Bakery Complete Line
Manufacturer   Solbern
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Equipment Description

Used Solbern Egg Roll Production Line with:

  • Solbern BF95X-2 double lane folder egg roll machine: machine has a straight line design with two lanes, each containing a folding platform conveyor system, and a riser for automatic deposit of stuffing
    • Produces 2 ounce and 3 ounce egg rolls
    • Outer wrap: approximately 7 inches x 7 inches (3 ounce) or 6 inches x 6 inches (2 ounce)
    • Finished size: approximately 4.75 inches to 5 inches long x 1.5 inch diameter (3 ounce) or 3.75 inches to 4 inches long x 1.25 inch diameter (2 ounce)
    • Speed: up to 45 pieces per minute per lane/90 pieces per minute per two lanes
  • Cook King fryer system: fryer with continuous high volume oil filtration system, and a heated storage tank connected by sanitary tubing. A complete safety system assures a safe operating condition at all times. Oil filtration system continuously removes fine particles from the fryer oil. 
  • Ilapak DUE Lynx Flow wrapper for horizontally forming, filling and sealing package containing roll
    • Film is drawn from a roll and passes through the tensioning rollers and is formed into a tube by an open top style folding box. Infeed lugs transport the product into the formed tube. The back seal is formed by longitudinal fin wheels and on each end by transverse crimp jaws. The wrapped product exits on a drive discharge belt.
    • Size range:
      • Length: 3-15 inches
      • Width: 0.75 to 8 inches
      • Height: 0-3.5 inches
    • Wrapping materials:
      • Cellophane, polypropylene, coextrusions, laminates (hot or cold seal), metalized and other suitable heat-sealable materials of machineable quality
    • 20 inch maximum film width, 13 inch outside diameter with a 3 inch core
    • Speed: maximum mechanical speed is 100 packs per minute with a 5:1 ratio from minimum. Production speed is depending upon film, product supply, ect. 
  • Sesotec metal detector for product inspection 
    • Apperture: 13 1/2 inch wide x 3 3/4 inch high
  • Universal L-15 wipe-on labeler
    • Speeds up to 1200 inches per minute
    • Analog controls
    • Digital label sensing
    • Variable speed applicator
    • "On delay" controlled time for dispensing labels with regard to the signal from a product sensor
    • "Off delay" controls the labels stop position with relation to the peeler plate
    • Web widths up to 6.5 inches
    • Rolls up to 12 inches in diameter on a 3 inch core

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Location Southwest, USA

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