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Used Domino DPX 500 Laser with Fume Extraction

Domino DPX 500 Laser with Fume Extraction
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Equipment Details

Inventory # A1960
Item Domino DPX 500 Laser with Fume Extraction
Category Coder
Laser Coder
Manufacturer   Domino
Model DPX 500
Year 2004
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Equipment Description

Used Domino DPX 500 Laser and Extraction Unit with:

  • This laser coder fume and particulate extraction unit cleans your working environment and maintains exceptional code quality
  • Its close integration with the laser coder keeps lenses and production equipment clean, ensuring code quality is maintained
  • Gases and particulates are captured by the DPX filter bags thereby avoiding problems with external emission regulations
  • Its filter includes a chemical layer to remove potentially toxic gases
  • Filters are easily accessible and easy to change over
  • The DPX helps ensure continued code clarity, as it prevents a build-up of laser generated particles and fume residues around lenses and production equipment. It avoids the likelihood of rejected work or reworked product due to poor code quality
  • The DPX's unique flow control optimises blower performance as a filter becomes full, so that the extraction rate remains constant
  • It saves time on unscheduled maintenance. Efficient extraction combined with a large capacity filter gives long filter life and reduces changes. Reverse airflow technology helps maximise filter life and also protects the motor and electrical system
  • The DPX will go on working with minimal interruption even in wet or dusty environments
  • Continuous monitoring of exhaust for gases and particulate contaminants
  • For operations up to 200 codes per minute
  • Flowrate (max): 166m3/hr (98cfm)
  • Vacuum (max): 1633mm WG (64.5 IWG)
  • Sound rating: 61 dBA
  • Operating temperature: 5-45°C
  • Operating humidity: 10-90% non-condensing
  • Touch screen control interface
  • Machine status light
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Casters for easy mobility

Additional Details

Equipment Size21" L X 18" W X 55" H

Product Information

Inspection Details

LocationEvansville, IN

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