Used Fres-co Systems FSU800 Low-Acid Pouch Filling Line

Fres-co Systems FSU800 Low-Acid Pouch Filling Line
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Equipment Details

Equipment # G9389
Item Fres-co Systems FSU800 Low-Acid Pouch Filling Line
Category Vertical Form Fill Seal
Liquid and Paste Filler VFFS
Manufacturer   Fres-co SystemUSA
Model FSU800UC
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Equipment Description

Used Fres-co Systems FSU800UC Low-Acid Pouch Filling Line with:

  • Fres-co Systems FSU800UC Form Fill and Seal
    • Forms pouches from heat sealable films, fills the pouches with product and seals them under positive air pressure
    • Filling system consists of a supply tank, a positive displacement (PD) pump and a filling tube and nozzle
    • Forming tube forms the film into a three-side sealed pouch. The fin seal bars make the vertical seal and the horizontal seal bars close making the end seals of the pouch. The product is metered into the pouch using the PD pump and filling tube system
    • After the product has been dispensed, the reciprocating, horizontal seal bars lower, advancing the film down for the next pouch. At the bottom of the stroke, an internal knife activates and cuts off the lowest pouch. The seal bars open and the lowest pouch is released. The seal bars raise to the start position and close, to make the top seal of the pouch that was just filled
    • The horizontal seal bars are a special construction to shape the end seal for a nozzle effect and to make a perforated tear notch
    • Stainless steel frame
    • Polycarbonate doors, covers, and guards
    • Parts in direct contact with product are 316 stainless steel or other conforming materials
    • Sealing system:  static heat via cartridge heaters
    • Pneumatic sealing pressure on end and fin seals
    • Compressed air requirements:  30 CFM at 90 PSI
    • Previously ran:  sour cream
    • Dose weight:  4.5 pounds
    • Output:  approximately 25 to 30 pouches per minute
    • Pouch size:  approximately 229 millimeters wide x 360 millimeters long
    • 10 millimeter fin seals and end seals
    • Bottom end seal modified for a 30 millimeters high, nozzle shaped seal with an embedded perforated tear notch
    • Packaging material:  clear, coextruded laminate
    • Maximum web width:  28 inches
    • Pouch type:  three sided seal pouch with fin seal
    • Filling system:  a PD pump, a fill tube and a non-coded 316SS product tank with conical bottom, integrated level controls, and a filtered vent to equalize pressure
  • Combi 2-EZ SB side belt drive case erector with bottom taper
  • Combi TBS-100 heavy duty FC case sealer
  • Combi DPI pullnose drop case packer
  • Safeline Mettler-Toledo PowerPhase PRO 3F Metal Detector with 12 inch wide x 4 inch tall aperture
  • Stainless steel product and case conveyor, 46 feet long

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Additional Details

Type of Package:Three sided seal pouch with Fin Seal
Maximum Fill Capacity:4.5 pounds
Print Registered:No
Code Stamp:No

Product Information

Last Ran Sour cream

Inspection Details

Location: Southwest, USA

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