Used Goldco R4403 Depalletizer

Goldco R4403 Depalletizer
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Equipment Details

Inventory # A2571
Item Goldco R4403 Depalletizer
Category Depalletizer
Manufacturer   Goldco
Model R4403
Year 2001
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Equipment Description

Used Goldco R4403 Depalletizer with:

  • Control panel sits next to outfeed conveyor at the top of the pallet elevator and uses a SYMBOL user interface with a Qwerty keyboard, product scanner, and power supply
  • Control panel buttons include: E-stop, sweep jog forward and reverse, hoist jog up and down, pallet stop, infeed, outfeed, and bin speeds, and a reset button
  • Pallet elevator opening is 46 inches wide x 70 inches deep x 116 inches tall
  • Pallets are lifted on a steel table raised by a chain elevator conveyor driven by a Sterling Electric motor at: 230/460V / 8A / 3PH
  • Product sweeper arm is located at top of elevator and is driven by a Sweep E motor at: 208-230/460V / 3PH
  • Slip sheet gripper is located at top of elevator and is controlled by a MAC pneumatics system
  • Hoist walls and pallet stop inside elevator are controlled by MAC pneumatics 
  • Allen-Bradley photo sensors detect product inside elevator
  • Pallet infeed conveyor is 530 inches log x 46 inches wide. one section is 215 inches long and the rest are 63 inches long.(Five sections of 63 inch conveyor total, only three shown in photo)
  • Infeed chain conveyors with diamond plate platforms are driven by independent SEW motors at: 460V / 1A / 3PH
  • Infeed conveyors have Maxi-Beam sensors to detect pallet flow
  • Final infeed conveyor is non-motorized roller conveyor with two rows of 10 inch x 2 1/2 inch plastic rollers and a diamond plate platform
  • Outfeed plastic chain conveyor is 237 nches long x 47 inches wide and mounts to top of pallet elevator and is driven by a SEW motor at: 460V / 3PH
  • Outfeed conveyor has Banner photo eye sensors
  • Product plastic chain conveyor is 208 inches long x 18 inches wide and is driven by a SEW motor at: 230/460V / 3PH
  • Product conveyor has guidance bars that filter the product into a single line
  • Product conveyor as Banner Microfast photo eye sensors
  • Pallet magazine has 41 inch arms and can be controlled to raise, lower, lift in and out, and has an e-stop
  • Pallet magazine arms can be spaced as wide as 64 inches
  • Pallet magazine is controlled by MAC pneumatics and has Allen-Bradley input/output components
  • Main control panel has a SOLA power supply ( SDN-20-24-480), Allen-Bradley components, and an Allen-Bradley SLC 5/05 CPU
  • Main control panel has a Hoffman in-panel lighting system
  • Main control panel has a Warner Electric Clutch Brake current control (CBC-300)
  • Was depalletizing 8oz cans


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Additional Details

Equipment Size 895" L × 208" W × 156" H

Product Information

Last Ran Depalletizing 8oz cans

Inspection Details

Location Evansville, IN

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