Used Lift-O-Flex 20500 Film Roll Lifter

Lift-O-Flex 20500 Film Roll Lifter
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Equipment Details

Inventory # C4366
Item Lift-O-Flex 20500 Film Roll Lifter
Category Forklift and Warehouse Equipment
Lift, Tilt, and Dump
Manufacturer   Lift-O-Flex
Model 20500
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Equipment Description

Used Lift-O-Flex 20500 Film Roll Lifter with:

  • Light weight and mobile for easy operation in narrow spaces
  • Easy movement with full load in all directions with casters
  • Foot operated, central brake on rear wheels-accessible from all sides
  • Precise stop of lift function with use of slow speed feature
  • Single column mast provides the operator a clear view for safe operation 
  • Enclosed lift screw-no pinch points
  • Adjustable handlebar allows each individual to obtain a preferred work position-"ergonomically correct"
  • Remote control pendant permits lifter operation from all sides
  • Lift capacity: 200 pounds 
  • Steel
    • Legs-bolted to intermediate
    • Handlebar-height adjustable
    • Power pack cover
  • Lift mast slip clutch on the down movement provides for safe load handling 
  • Current limiting (no limit switches) provide for load limiting and stops
  • Minimum lift height: approximately 1.7 inches
  • Lift-speed: 3.5 inches per second

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Location Evansville, IN

This machine is located at SIGMA Equipment's warehouses in Evansville, IN. You are always welcome to visit, however we request 48 hours notice to ensure access to your requested machine.

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