Used Moline Bread Line Extruder Sheeter Cutter

Moline Bread Line Extruder Sheeter Cutter
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Equipment Details

Inventory # B2140
Item Moline Bread Line Extruder Sheeter Cutter
Category Complete Line
Bakery Complete Line
Manufacturer   Moline
Model TRI-24R, 1I-36R LIBRA, PCS-36R
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Equipment Description

Used Moline Bread Line with:

  •  Moline TRI-24R tri-roller extruder with:
    • Designed to deliver a continuous dough sheet of fixed width and adjustable thickness to the make-up or sheeting conveyor
    • Dough is fed into the extruder hopper and travels down between the fine groove roller and the heavy groove roller to the lower extruding roller.  Dough thickness is determined by the lower extruding roller opening which can be adjusted    
    • 480 V/60 Hz/3 Phase
    • Wash down motor
    • OAD:  162 inches long x 48 inches wide x 77 inches high
  • Moline 1i-36R LIBRA sheeter with:
    • Designed to sheet dough onto a conveyor using either a single set of rollers or a dual set.  
    • Observation windows
    • Infeed conveyor and drive
    • Sheeting roller scrapers
    • Proximity sensors
    • OAD:  50 inches wide x 96 inches long x 77 inches high
    • 12 inch deep x 36 inch wide stainless steel drum
    • 480V / 60 Hz / 3 Phase
  • Moline FDAF-36R Duster/Dispenser with:
    • Dispenses flour, cinnamon, sugar, starch or dry toppings across the width of a conveyor belt or dough sheet
    • Topping is dispensed and the width of the dispensing pattern are adjustable.
    • Variable speed drive controls the agitator speed and dispersion rate
    • Flow adjustment
    • Hopper quick release
    • 480 V / 60 Hz / 3 Phase
  • Moline FRU-36R flour brush with vacuum system:
    • Designed to remove excess flour from the top of the product using a rotating brush and vacuum hood
    • Adjustable brush height
    • Guards
    • Air cylinders, air filter, control valve
    • 230 V / 60 Hz / 1 Phase
  • Moline PCS-36R pneumatic cutting station:
    • Designed for high volume production of cut product.  The unit accepts any of several different types of cutters or dockers which can be quickly interchanged
    • The cutter is lowered and pneumatically controlled to apply cutting pressure equally at all points across the conveyor width.  As the dough sheet passes through the machine, the cutter incises the desired product shape
    • 480 V / 60 Hz / 3 Phase
  • Moline PCS-36R powered cutting station:
    • 480V / 60 Hz / 3 Phase
  • Moline FRH-36R flour removal hood:
    • Designed to remove excess flour from the top of the product using compressed air, a vacuum hood and dust collector
    • Flour removal hood
    • Air manifold
  • Moline RTPU-36 reverse trim pickup unit:
    • Automatically lifts trimmed dough web from the cut dough sheet and removes it from the production area.  The trim dough web is lifted from the makeup conveyor belt onto the trim pickup conveyor and delivered to the trim cross conveyor.  From there, the trim is transferred to a trim return system which returns the dough to the production line for reuse
    • Two conveyors on the trim pickup unit are each driven by a motor and gear reducer
    • Trim pickup lift mechanism includes a gear reducer, hand wheel and lift chains to raise or lower the trim pickup conveyor
    • Caster for mobility
    • 480 V / 60 Hz / 3 Phase 
  • Moline CDVTU-36R makeup conveyor:
    • 480 V / 60 Hz / 3 Phase 
  • Trim return conveyors:
    • Food grade conveyor belt
      • Wash down motor
      • 36 inches wide x 138 inches long
    • Food grade belt conveyor:
      • 14 inch x 14 inch chute
    • Food grade belt conveyor
      • 24 inches wide
      • 84 inches long
      • drip pan
    • Food grade belt conveyor
      • 30 inches wide
      • 576 inches long
    • 18 inch deep chute
    • Plastic chain conveyor incline conveyor
      • 58 inches wide 
      • 60 inches long
      • On casters
  • Allen Bradley PanelView 1000 Operator Control
  • Complete line OAD:
    • 84 inches wide x 576 inches long


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