Used PolyPack PH-32DL Dual Lane Shrink Bundler

PolyPack PH-32DL Dual Lane Shrink Bundler
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Equipment Details

Equipment # G5743
Item PolyPack PH-32DL Dual Lane Shrink Bundler
Category Shrink Equipment
Multipacker and Bundler
Manufacturer   Polypack
Model PH-32DL
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Equipment Description

Used PolyPack PH-32DL Shrink Bundler with:

  • 37 inch infeed height
  • 42 inch discharge height
  • Maximum speed of 17.5 cycles per minute
  • Previously ran various shapes (round, square and rectangle) or 50ml PET bottles
  • Runs unsupported product  
  • 35 inch wide seal bar
  • Seal bar height opening: approximately 10 inches
  • Sequence of operation:
    • Machine consists of:
      • Film cradle: located at the front of the machine, this is where the film rolls are placed to feed the film feed assembles. The cradle has been configured for the dual-lane characteristics of this machine.
      • Infeed conveyor: receives product from factory equipment in a dual lane configuration and moves it to the staging area at the product elevator 
      • Product elevator: receives product from the infeed conveyor, which is lower than the seal bar height. Once the correct quantity of product has accumulated in the staging area, the product elevator raises the product lanes to the height of the seal bar, allowing the pusher to push the bundles through the seal bar. 
      • Product stop: halts the incoming rows of product so that they are properly aligned with the pusher in preparation for movement through the seal bar assembly. The product at pusher sensors located in the product stop indicate when enough product has accumulated at the pusher for a cycle.
      • Main pusher assembly: consists of a product staging area and a motor driven dual tube main pusher. Product accumulates in the staging area in front of the main pusher. After the main pusher cycles forward, the product is left on the dead plate after the seal bar. The sides of the raised elevator platform keep the product from advancing as the main pusher cycles the accumulated product through the film curtain and across the seal bar. 
      • Upper and lower film feeds: the dual main pusher pushes product through the film curtain. When the product enters the film curtain and pulls the film, the dual upper and lower dancer bar assemblies sense the film demand and trigger motor driven rollers to dispense film at the correct tension, allowing the product to move through the curtain and be sleeve wrapped. 
      • Seal bar assembly: after the product is pushed past the seal bar assembly, through the film curtain and onto the deadplate, the pusher retracts and a thermostatically controlled hot bar closes and simultaneously seals and cuts the film between packages. To prevent damage to the seal blades and the products, or injury to personnel operating the machine, the upper seal bar is equipped with pressure pads. If these pads are raised before the seal bars come together, the sequence is stopped, the seal bars move away from each other and the machine is shut down. A photo sensor is used to tell the PLC when the upper seal bar is at the height of the product. This overrides the pressure pad shutdown. If it is not adjusted correctly, damage or injury can occur. It must be adjusted for the height of the product being run. If the product height changes, the sensor needs to be adjusted. 
      • Tunnel conveyor: after the seal bar has completed the sealing cycle, the product waits on the dead plate until the pusher cycles again and pushes another bundle forward, pushing the prior bundle onto the tunnel conveyor. The tunnel conveyor then transports the film-wrapped product through the shrink tunnel. 
      • Shrink tunnel: uses replaceable slide-in heater banks, adjustable internal baffles and a tunnel divider to provide precise heat and air flow control during the shrinking process. The heat causes the film to shrink and enclose the product in a tightly fitted package. The tunnel fans rotate in a clockwise direction, drawing air up through the tunnel heaters for a more efficient and even heating of the tunnel. This machine is configured with a mid-tunnel divider located under the first heater so that the airflow is individualized for one lane and will not disturb the other.
      • Turning pegs: after the shrink wrapped bundles exit the tunnel, they are turned 90 degrees as they contact the turning pegs while moving to the discharge conveyor.
      • Discharge conveyor: the product budnles arrive onto the discharge conveyor in two lanes, and then are reconfigured into a single lane by the product combining pusher. The bundles are then conveyed to awaiting factory equipment for further processing.
      • Product combing pusher: as the bundles are loading onto the discharge conveyor in two lanes, the product combining pusher will stop the left lane bundle while the right lane bundle passes by, then will push it forward so that they exit in a single lane configuration. 

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Additional Details

Bundle Style:Unsupported Product
Print Registered Film or Clear Film Machine:Clear / Random
Production Speed:17.5 cycles per minute
Side Closure:Bulls Eye
Machine Motion:Intermittent Motion
Seal Bar Width:35 inches
Seal Bar Opening Height:10 inches
Heat Tunnel:Yes

Product Information

Inspection Details

Location: Southwest, USA

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Call us at (812) 303-8383
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