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Used ULMA TF Mini 360 Thermoformer

ULMA TF Mini 360 Thermoformer
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Equipment Details

Inventory # E2651
Item ULMA TF Mini 360 Thermoformer
Category Horizontal Form Fill Seal
Rollstock Thermoformer
Manufacturer   ULMA
Model Mini TF-360
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Equipment Description

TF Mini 360 Form, Fill, and Seal with:

  • Thermoforming machine for food or medical products. Package is made within the machine using two film coils. This film can be flexible or rigid, up to 300 micron. You can also create vacuum or make gas injection (MAP) inside the package.
  • The MINI series is the ideal solution for transition from manual solutions to automatic packing systems. It offers a more economic solution with the same pros of a bigger machine using the traditional packing system
  • Reduction of package cost.
  • Increase of productivity.
  • Offers improvement of final product presentation.
  • Lower product handling during packing process. 
  • Maximum index length of 250 mm
  • Maximum package depth of 5 to 80 mm
  • Maximum film width of 360 mm
  • Maximum film roll diameter of 250 mm
  • 3" mandrell diameter
  • Loading area length of 1,000 mm
  • Machine overall dimensions of 3310mm long x 770mm wide x 1610mm high
  • Approximate weight of 800 kg.
  • Width of 14"
  • Used less than 150 hours
  • Vacuum and modified atmosphere capabilities
  • Made in INOX. AISI 304 materials.
  • Control system with programmable automation.
  • Working diagnostics.
  • Parameter and message display.
  • Molds and tooling made of anodized aluminium.
  • Protection and security according to EC standards.
  • Easy access to functional elements.
  • Quick format change without tools.
  • Memory storage : up to 99 programmes.
  • Programmable speed.
  • IP-65 cleaning program.
  • Lower film up to 10 mils with forming depth up to 80 mm.
  • It has capacity for packaging with vacuum and with inert gas injection
  • Two transversal knifes for multiple packages per advance;
  • System for centering printed top film; up to 14 cycles per minute
  • Fully PLC controlled with menu interface
  • 100% stainless steel construction
  • Machine has three sets of dies: 
    • Two cavities of 225 X 148 mm each
    • Two cavities, each has an "additional" pouch on top: main cavity is 160 X 147 mm and top pouch is 50 X 147 mm each
    • Four cavities: 105 X 145 mm each
  • Dies have adjustable depth from about 10 to 80 mm
  • Dies also have rounded edges 

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