Hand-Load Cartoner Fact Sheet

Hand-load cartoners are an excellent first step toward automating a process. We can help you find the correct equipment for your application.


Hand-Load cartoners seal one side of the box shut, and then the open end is loaded with product by hand. Intermittent semi-automatic cartoners will erect the carton and stop the carton while the operator loads. Continuous motion allows for the flow to continue during loading.

Demonstration Video

This demonstration video shows the modifications carried out by SIGMA Shop Technicians for a completed customer project. Our Shop Services include Power Up and Cycle Tests, Repairs and Reconditioning, Set-To-Size, Integration, and Retooling.

Why Choose a Hand-Load Cartoner?

Types of Hand-Load Cartoners

Hand-load cartoners can be either horizontal or vertical. Horizontal cartoners are loaded from the side, while vertical cartoners are loaded from above. The vacuum-powered pick and place mechanism on a hand-load cartoner may be rotary, cam, or cylinder.

Glue cartoners seal the flaps of the carton with glue. The glue is usually placed on the inside of the open major flap or the top of the folded major flap. Hot melt glue is the most commonly used glue. Usually glue spots with glue application wheels, or hot melt glue systems with glue application nozzles, are used to apply the glue to the flaps of the carton. Tuck cartoners are designed to seal cartons by tucking small tuck flaps into the other flaps of the carton.

How Can SIGMA Help?

In SIGMA Equipment’s 10,000 square foot shop, our technicians are able to retool a cartoner to set it to the correct size for a carton. This retooling typically requires adjusting the timing and the width of flights to fit the carton size.

It is possible to convert a tuck cartoner to a glue cartoner by installing a glue unit. Ask your sales representative how our shop technicians can retool a specific machine to fit your application.

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