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Florida photo
Ulma Florida Horizontal, Automatic, 1-Up, Print Registered, Flow Wrapper

Used Ulma Florida Horizontal Flow Wrapper with: Speed: up to 150 packages per minute Direction of travel: Left to right Print registration eye Data sensor TLu-115 Film width: 500 millimeters...

1000 photo
Delta 1000 1 Up Print Registered Stainless Steel Flow Wrapper

Used Delta 1000 1 Up Print Registered Stainless Steel Flow Wrapper with: Production speed: up to 60 ppm, depending on applicaiton and product Seal jaw with: 11 inches Right to left product flow ...

Pioneer photo
Campbell Pioneer Print Registered Stainless Steel Flow Wrapper

Used Campbell Pioneer Flow Wrapper: Output: Up to 200 packages per minute depending on application 7 inch wide 1 up seal jaw with euro slot hole punch Lugged infeed: Length: approximately 120...

Atlanta photo
Ulma Atlanta Horizontal Print Registered Flow Wrapper

Used Ulma Atlanta Horizontal Flow Wrapper with: Print registered horizontal flow wrapper Dimensions of product: Diameter of clasp: 5.6 inches Length of bag: 3.5 to 17.7 inches Length of...

HT-1162 photo
Entrepack HT-1162 Horizontal Flow Wrapper

Used Entrepack HT1162 Flow Wrapper with: Packing Speed- 35-225 pieces per minute Film Width- 90-220mm Package sizes: Length- 4.5"-10.2" Width- 1.4"-6.3" Height- 0.2"-...

Doboy Super Mustang 1 Up Print Registered Flow Wrapper

Used Doboy Super Mustang 1 Up Print Registered Flow Wrapper with: Production output rate: Up to 40 packages per minute, depending on materials and application Minimum package size: Length:...

XBD-450B photo
Kotek XBD 450b Print Registered Stainless Steel Horizontal Flow Wrapper

Used Kotek XBD-450B horizontal flow wrapper with: Production speed: 30-180 parts per minute Previous application: 4 inch pretzels and sandwhiches Product flow: Right to left Max film width: 18 inches...

HP350 photo
HOPAK HP350 Print Register Horizontal Flow Wrapper

Used HOPAK HP350I Print Registered Horizontal Flow Wrapper with: Previously set to wrap peanut patties Film specs: Type: polypropylene Maximum web width: 17.5 inches Minimum...

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