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L-Bar Sealer Automatic

An automatic L-bar sealer is a fast and efficient packaging machine that wraps and seals products using a heated "L"-shaped bar. It works with various materials, including shrink film, and automatically feeds, seals, and cuts the film for secure pack [More]


L-Bar Sealer AutomaticAn automatic L-bar sealer is a fast and efficient packaging machine that wraps and seals products using a heated "L"-shaped bar. It works with various materials, including shrink film, and automatically feeds, seals, and cuts the film for secure pack
Wraparound Pressure Sensitive LabelerThese machines apply labels to cylindrical containers without using heat, water or special solvents, providing an efficient and hassle-free labeling experience.
Planetary MixersLearn more about planetary mixers and how they can increase your bakery's output
Glue Case SealerA glue case sealer prepares a corrugated case for shipment by folding down the minor flaps, applying glue to them, and then folding the major flap over the minor flaps to seal the case shut.
Gravity and Pressure FillersThese machines are designed to fill containers by releasing valves connected to a tank, allowing the produce to flow into your container using gravity.
Tape Bottom Seal Case ErectorThis category of case erectors use tape instead of glue when sealing the openings of a case, making for a cheaper and easily maintained sealing process.
Premade Bag Horizontal Form, Fill and SealHorizontal Form, Fill and Seal (HFFS) machines for pre-made bags are used to fill a variety of products, ranging from liquids to meats, into ready-made pouches.
Shrink Sleeve Applicator and Shrink Sleeve Heat TunnelThis type of equipment applies a sleeve of film around a product, which is then shrink-wrapped by a heat or steam tunnel.
Dough Dividers and Dough RoundersDough dividers take a large amount of dough and cuts them down into manageable sized pieces while dough rounders shapes those pieces for proofing.
Bag Inserters and Bag UncuffersBag inserters place bags into boxes and cuffs them over the box's lid to be filled. Once filled with product, the uncuffers lift the bag off the box to close it.
Automatic Tray SealersThis machine uses heat to seal a plastic film to the sealing flanges of a tray to keep your product fresh.
How to Build Custom Skids for EquipmentWe build custom skids for every piece of equipment in our SIGMA-owned inventory to offer maximum protection.
How to Secure Load Cells on Single Belt CheckweighersLoad cells are a crucial feature on checkweighers that can be easily damaged during transportation.
Volumetric FillersVolumetric Fillers work to fill several different containers with a preset amount of product.
Stainless Steel KettlesStainless steel kettles are used in multiple industries that call for heating or cooking liquid products.
How to Block and Brace Equipment for TransportationWhen shipping equipment, be sure to take them time to block and brace your equipment to protect it during transportation.
Dual Shaft Ribbon BlenderThe Dual Shaft Ribbon Blender uses ribbons on two shafts to agitate and mix powdered ingredients into one homogenous blend.
Vacuum Bag SealerA Vacuum bag sealer is a type of sealing equipment that uses a vacuum pump to create an airtight seal around a product. These machines help extend the shelf life of foods and other commodities by ensuring your product has an airtight seal.
Bagger Only Vertical Form Fill SealSee how the bagger only vertical form fill seal machine can fit your production needs
How to Set Up a Wulftec Stretch WrapperStretch wrappers are multifaceted machines that SIGMA recommends for every company’s operations.
What to Expect when Buying UsedBuying a used piece of equipment can sound overwhelming or intimidating, and that’s where we come in.
Side SealersSide sealers have the capability to seal packages neatly on three sides, starting from the side opposite the shrink wrap that comes from the arbor bar.
Metal Detectors with ConveyorsMetal detectors are a must-have if you are packaging or processing equipment.
Slat CounterSlat counters provide a safe and efficient way to keep high volume production of capsules and tablets safe and uniform
Linear Bucket ScalesLinear bucket seals are versatile pieces of equipment that will help your production line weigh products accurately.

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