Flexible Rental Program


You decide how long you need to rent the equipment. After the minimum rental period continue renting on a monthly basis.

Try Before You Buy

Not sure if the equipment fits your existing line? Are you testing a new product? Rent equipment first to make sure it fits your needs.


Control monthly expenses and cash flow by using your operational budget for rental payments, with the option to buy out at any time.

SIGMA's Flexible Rental Program

Our rental program covers more than 200 categories, and sets a new standard in packaging and processing equipment rentals. When available, we will provide you with a copy of the equipment's manual to assist you with installation and operation. In addition to our rental program, we offer the opportunity for each rental item to be given a power up and cycle test within our 10,000 square foot shop before shipping to your location.

If you need assistance ensuring the equipment fulfills your needs, our shop offers a suite of services, ranging from Power up to Set-to-Size. Your sales representative will supply you with a quote from our shop, and add the correct documentation within your rental agreement.

How it works

Our flexible rental program allows you to rent short-term, long-term, or Rent-to-Own. Whether you are in need of additional equipment to meet seasonal demands, to test a new product, or to start up a line at a lower entry cost, we have the right rental solution for your needs.

Step 1

Select the equipment you need, sign the rental agreement, pay the balance, and arrange shipping.

Step 2

Rent the equipment as long as you need. We will invoice you monthly until you send the equipment back or purchase it through Rent-to-Own.

Step 3

When you no longer need the equipment, send it back on the original skid.

Search Rental Equipment

Rental Categories

  • Bakery Equipment
  • Baler
    • Horizontal Baler
    • Vertical Baler
  • Blancher
  • Blister Clamshell and Skin Packaging
    • Blister Sealer
      • Inline Blister Sealer
      • Pharmaceutical Rollstock Blister Sealer
      • Rotary Blister Sealer
    • Clamshell Packaging
    • Skin Packaging
  • Blower
  • Boiler
    • High Pressure Steam Boilers (Over 15 PSI)
    • Hot Water and Low Pressure Steam Boilers
  • Capper
    • Automatic Capping Machine
      • Chuck Capper
      • Crimp Capper
      • Crowner
      • Overcapper
      • Snap Cap
      • Spindle Capper (2)
      • Vertical Plugger
    • Cap Feeders and Sorters
      • Cap Elevator
      • Cap Sorter
      • Cap Sorting Elevator
    • Cap Tightener and Retorquer
    • Cotton or Desiccant Inserter
  • Case Packer and Tray Packer
    • Bottom Load Case Packer
    • Drop Packer
    • End Load and Side Load Case Packer
    • Robotic and Pick and Place Case Packer
    • Semi-Automatic Case Packer
    • Tray Packer
    • Wrap Around Case Packer
  • Chiller, Cooler, Freezer, and Refrigerator
    • Cooler and Refrigerator
      • Cooling Tunnel
      • Walk-In and Cabinet Cooler
    • Evaporator, Condenser, and Compressor
    • Freezer
      • Spiral Freezer
      • Tunnel Freezer
      • Walk-In and Cabinet Freezer
    • Ice Maker
  • Cleaner
    • Bottle Rinser, Air
    • Bottle Rinser, Water
  • Coder
    • Hot Stamp Coder
    • Ink Jet Coder
    • Laser Coder
  • Complete Line
    • Bakery Complete Line
    • Beverage Complete Line
    • Pharmaceutical Complete Line
  • Compressed Air Equipment
    • Air Compressor
    • Air Dryer
  • Converting Equipment
  • Counter
    • Slat Counter
  • Depalletizer
  • Dryer
  • Dust Collector and Air Filter
  • Electrical Equipment
    • Control Panel
    • Transformer
  • Enrobing and Coating
    • Enrober
    • Seasoning Drum and Tumblers
    • Spray Coating
  • Evaporator
  • Extruder
    • Encruster
  • Fitting, Valve, and Meter
  • Forklift and Warehouse Equipment
    • Battery Charger
    • Crane
    • Forklift and Pallet Jack
    • Lift, Tilt, and Dump
    • Mezzanine, Platform, and Stairs
    • Pallet Inverter (3)
    • Personnel Lift
    • Sweeper and Scrubber
  • Fryer
  • Generator
  • Glue Unit
  • Heat Exchange
  • Hopper
  • Laboratory Equipment
    • Centrifuge
    • Sterilizer and Autoclave
  • Liquid Filtration System
  • Meat Processing Equipment
    • Deboner
    • Injector
    • Meat Grinder
    • Patty Former
    • Smokehouse
    • Tenderizer
  • Metalworking Machinery
  • Miscellaneous Equipment
  • Motor
    • 11 HP and above Motor
    • 4 HP to 10 HP Motor
    • Up to 3 HP Motor
  • Oven
    • Deck Oven
    • Double Rack Oven
    • Grill, Broiler, and Range
    • Holding Cabinet
    • Revolving Tray Oven
    • Single Rack Oven
    • Tunnel Oven
  • Palletizer
    • High Level Infeed Palletizer
    • Low Level Infeed Palletizer
    • Robotic Palletizer
  • Plastic Injection and Blow Molding and Extrusion
  • Press
    • Tablet Press
  • Printing Industry
  • Retort
    • Retort Loading System
    • Rotary Retort
    • Static Retort
  • Scale
    • Computer Combination Weigher (CCW)
    • Floor Scale
    • Linear Bucket Scale
    • Table Top Scale
  • Seamer
  • Separator
  • Strapper
    • Case Strapper
      • Automatic Arch Case Strapper
      • Semi-Automatic Arch Case Strapper
      • Semi-Automatic Table-Top Case Strapper
    • Pallet Strapper
  • Stretch Wrapper
    • Automatic Stretch Wrapper
      • Automatic Horizontal Ring Stretch Wrapper
      • Automatic Pallet Sleever and Hooder
      • Automatic Straddle and Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper
      • Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper
      • Automatic Vertical Ring Stretch Wrapper
    • Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper
  • Tank, Non-Stainless Steel
  • Totes
  • Tray Sealer
    • Stretch Film Tray Wrapper
    • Top Seal
      • Automatic Tray Sealer
      • Semi-Automatic Tray Sealer
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