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Metal detectors with an aperture height greater than 10 inches are used for large products and cases. This type of quality control equipment is used to detect the smallest pieces of metal inside a package or container, and automatically remove the product that contains it. They are usually installed in a packaging or processing line to check products as they move through the line. Conveyor metal detectors use a conveyor to move packages or products through the metal detecting head.

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Fortress Phantom Metal Detector 16"W x 11"H

Used Fortress Metal Detector: Usable aperture dimensions: Width: 16 inches Height: 11 inches Plastic Belt: Length: approximately 7 feet Width: 14 inches Height: 32 inches Push button...

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Eriez DSP Metal Detector 10" Tall x 26" Wide

Used Eriez EZ-DSP 10x26 HI Metal Detector with: Effective aperature: Width: 26 inches Height: 10 inches Conveyer: Plastic mat-top Width: 23.5 inches Length: 85 inches ...

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