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SIGMA Equipment offers a suite of services all geared with our customers in mind, whether you need them before, during, or after your project starts. Below are just some of the ways that we work with you to help you get your equipment up and running quickly so you can get back to production. If you have a more specific need, please reach out to us, and our team can help find a tailored solution that best fits you. 

Whether you are looking to find equipment quickly, get your pieces back up and running with leading technical experts, or find the right payment structure for your equipment, we want to make the buying and selling of used equipment as easy and efficient as possible. Review the options below and if these don't fit your needs, reach out to us. We are always finding new and creative ways to solve our client's unique problems. 

  SIGMA Shop Services

SIGMA Equipment hosts one of the industry's largest retooling and reconditioning shops.  Whether you are looking for cycle tests, set-to-size projects, proof of concept, or full integration, our shop can handle the project. 

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We know that finding the right equipment is just the first half of the battle. We have partnered with two quality equipment financing partners to help make the purchasing of your equipment as easy as possible. 

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  Machinery Sourcing

Looking for the equipment you need can be a challenge. That’s why we offer our Machinery Sourcing services. Simply let us know of the equipment you are looking for and our team will begin the search to find it for you. 

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