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Request a SIGMA Technician for On-Site Repairs 

When your equipment is down or underperforming, it causes significant revenue loss for your business.

At SIGMA Equipment, we understand the necessity of keeping your production running. That’s why you can request a SIGMA Technician to come to your facility.

Request On-Site Repair

Reduce Your Revenue Loss

When you request one of our traveling technicians, they will be promptly dispatched to troubleshoot and service any equipment you’ve purchased from SIGMA.

We are also partnered with several OEMs. If they can’t reach you in time — our technicians can!

OEMs we work with:

- Packrite

- Wexxar

- Cherry

- Wulftech

- Robopac

- Plan It Packaging


- Combi

- Emplex

- Olsen

- And More!

We Have the Right Tools to Quickly Restore Your Equipment

We know how tense and stressful it is to experience underperforming equipment or equipment failure.

At SIGMA, we prioritize your needs to ensure a speedy turnaround. That way you don’t have to wait on an OEM or burden your maintenance team with complex repairs.

As a part of SIGMA Group, we stock a wide range of parts, both new and used, for processing and packaging equipment. Whether you need PLCs, electrical components, or anything in between, we will get you back up and running quickly.

Contact us to schedule a shop tech to visit your facility by clicking the button below.

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