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  • Maximize Your Returns When Selling Idle Equipment

    Are you looking to make the most out of your used processing or packaging equipment without the hassle of selling?

    If your primary goal is to maximize returns, SIGMA Equipment offers a Website Listing service. With this selling method, your equipment remains stored at your facility while we list your assets on SIGMA’s website, where we get traffic from all around the world. Additionally, our sales and marketing teams actively work to find buyers on your behalf. This process ensures that you recover the highest value for your idle equipment.

    Discover the advantages:

    Maximize Returns: When time and space aren’t concerns for you, a website listing allows you to recover the most value from your idle equipment.

    Free Service That Doesn’t Expire: SIGMA Equipment’s Website Listing service is free to use and does not expire.  Our team will regularly check in with you for any updates to keep your listing relevant.

    Flexible and Eco-Friendly: Easily update, remove, or list more equipment as needed. Prevent equipment waste and promote environmental sustainability.

    How a Website Listing Works

    1. Gather Information — Our team collects essential details about your equipment, such as:

    - Equipment age

    - Usage history 

    - Production specs

    - Features and options

    - Measurements

    - Electrical requirements

    - Any other relevant information

    2. Photos and Videos — For the best results, provide us with as many photos and videos as possible. Watch our instructional video here.

    3. We Create Your Listing — Our experts piece together the information and list your equipment on our website. We work with you to set the desired price before publishing your listing.

    4. Vast Exposure — Your listing reaches our extensive network of over 80,000 clients worldwide. We also boost your listing through email campaigns and SEO, ensuring maximum visibility. Our sales team actively engages with potential buyers looking for equipment like yours. 

    5. Receive Offers — When we identify an interested buyer, we assist you in negotiating to ensure you receive a fair price. You maintain the decision-making power to accept, decline, or propose counteroffers as needed. 

    6. Removal and Payment — We collect payment following a purchase. We provide an initial payment and transfer the remaining funds to you after confirming the equipment was safely loaded onto the buyer’s truck.

    Ready to Maximize the Return on Your Equipment?

    When you have the space to store your idle equipment with no time constraints — SIGMA’s Website Listing gets you the most value for the assets you no longer need. If you decide that you can no longer store the equipment or want to sell it as fast as possible, we offer additional selling methods to meet those needs.

    Selling Methods

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