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  • Get the most out of your used equipment without the hassle of selling:

    SIGMA Equipment offers multiple convenient ways for you to earn value back on equipment that may have run its course at your facility. If time and space aren't motivators for you, and you are looking to get maximum return for your equipment, consider a website listing. 

    SIGMA Equipment's website listing service is free and does not expire.

    How It Works: 

    Our team helps gather as much information as possible about the equipment piece or pieces you are looking to sell, including: 

      - The age of the equipment

      - Usage history

      - Production speeds

      - Added features and options

      - Measurements

      - Electrical requirements 

      - Any other important information

      Once we gather all relevant information we also request you send as many photos and videos as possible. We have found the more photos and videos we receive, the better your chances of getting your equipment sold. To see our photo guide download here using this link. Or check out our video below:


      We then piece all of the information together and our team will list your equipment on our website. We’ll work with you to set your desired price, then securely store and publish your listing on our website.

      Your listing will be viewed by a vast SIGMA Equipment customer network of more than 80,000 clients from businesses around the globe. Additionally, our team will market your listing through email campaigns and search engine optimization (SEO), drawing as many eyes to your equipment as possible. Our sales team will also work with active buyers who may be looking for equipment like yours. Once we have an interested buyer, we help you negotiate to ensure you get the price you deserve. We’re here to empower our clients but ultimately, you’ll decide what eligible offer is right for you.

      After your equipment sells, we help coordinate the removal and shipping/logistics if needed. Once we receive payment, we quickly and securely disburse funds to you.

      Benefits of Listing Your Equipment With SIGMA 

      This saves you time and earns you the most return for your equipment, all at no additional cost or commitment from you. Should you decide that you want to update your information, no longer want to sell the equipment, or want to list more, don’t hesitate to contact us and we can assist you.

      Website listings are a great way for you to maximize returns on the equipment you no longer need while allowing someone else to discover new life in your idle equipment. This keeps your pieces from ending up in a landfill or sitting in a boneyard. If you decide that you can no longer store the equipment or want to sell as fast as possible, we offer additional selling methods as well. Click here to see those

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