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Outright Purchase

We clear out your equipment. You collect immediate payment and gain immediate space. We cover the costs of pick-up, removal, transportation, and storage.

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How does Outright Purchase work?

Our Outright Purchase program is a cash value/liquidation. If you need to recover space and capital quickly, consider this solution.

  • You gain valuable space immediately
  • We cover upfront shipping
  • Our professionals will securely strap equipment for transport
  • Our competitive prices are paid up front
Outright Purchase

Outright Purchase Selling Process

STEP 1 Arrange a Site Visit

Contact our Acquisitions Department, and one of our specialists will visit your location to determine the value of your equipment.

STEP 2 Accept Offer

SIGMA Equipment sends you a Purchase Offer Agreement for your approval.

STEP 3 Coordinate Removal

After you accept the offer, we coordinate with you to schedule removal of the equipment. Our rigging specialists will rig and remove the equipment.

STEP 4 Receive Payment

You promptly receive payment for your idle equipment.

Services Available

SIGMA Equipment offers several services to help you sell your equipment through Outright Purchase.

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