Outright Purchase

Convert Idle Equipment into Immediate Value

You can turn your idle equipment into immediate value through our Outright Purchase option.

SIGMA’s Outright Purchase option is our quickest selling method, allowing you to earn value on surplus equipment and promptly reclaim space when time is of the essence.

Discover the advantages:

Reclaim Space Immediately: Whether you’re making room for new equipment, reconfiguring your production line, closing a plant, or liquidating assets, our outright purchase streamlines the process.

Value and Sustainability: By converting your unused equipment into capital, you bolster your bottom line and contribute to environmental sustainability by giving the equipment a new life.

How Outright Purchase Works

1. Get in Touch: Reach out to us by calling or clicking the button below.

2. On-Site or Digital Assessment: We’ll either schedule an on-site visit, where our experts assess your equipment in person, or conduct a digital assessment to gather essential details, such as:
- Equipment age
- Usage history
- Production specs
- Features and options
- Measurements
- Electrical requirements
- Any other pertinent information

3. Your Offer: Once we have all the necessary information, our team evaluates whether an outright purchase offer is fit. If not, we will recommend another method, but the choice is ultimately yours.

4. Seamless Removal: Upon acceptance, our team collaborates with you to coordinate equipment rigging and removal. We work around your production schedule to minimize disruption.

5. Prompt Payment: After we receive the equipment at our facility and confirm it meets the agreed-upon condition, we promptly send your payment.

Ready to Reclaim Your Space and Get Paid Now?

Contact us today to learn more about SIGMA Equipment’s Outright Purchase option! Gain valuable space instantly, enjoy upfront shipping coverage, and receive competitive prices.

Let’s make your equipment work for you!

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