Consignment Auction

Free Up Space, Achieve a Quick Sale, and Maximize Returns

Don’t let your surplus equipment take up space in your facility and lose value. Recover that value to reinvest in your operation!

Selling on SIGMA’s Consignment Auction allows you to clear out multiple machines or complete lines, sending your assets to our 660,000-square-foot warehouse. There, we will create appealing listings on our SIGMA Equipment website. Our sales and marketing teams work to quickly find you the best offers possible before going to a quarterly reserve auction.

This option offers the best of both worlds. It's a straightforward way to clear surplus equipment while ensuring a fast sale.

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What to Expect

1. On-Site or Digital Assessment: We’ll either schedule an on-site visit, where our experts assess your equipment in person or conduct a digital assessment to gather essential details, such as:

  • - Equipment age
  • - Usage history
  • - Production specs
  • - Features and options
  • - Measurements
  • - Electrical requirements
  • - Any other pertinent information

2. Relocate Equipment: Send your equipment to our safe, climate-controlled warehouse. You cover rigging and freight expenses and have the option to work with our logistics services or coordinate your own.

3. Some SIGMA Touch: Our team will clean and skid your equipment before being professionally photographed and videoed to create enticing listings on the SIGMA Equipment website.

4. Active Pre-Sell: We pre-sell and run marketing campaigns for your assets, increasing the exposure to find you the best offers.

5. Offers Come In: We comb through thousands of potential buyers to find the best offer for you. When we receive offers, you have the authority to accept, decline, or counter any presented proposals.

6. Consignment Auction: If your unit doesn’t sell during this phase, it will go to a quarterly reserve auction to increase the chances of a sale while protecting your interest and encouraging competitive bidding. 

You have a production to run. Don’t let idle equipment get in the way — or slip in value.

Our team of equipment experts has the experience, an extensive customer network of over 100,000 contacts, and access to the largest industrial database — ensuring you receive the highest return potential possible.

You can remove machinery from your facility while putting money back into your operation when selling on Consignment Auction.

How it Works

Step 1. 


Our team will look at your request and reach out to you to get started!

Step 2.


We’ll either send a team to your facility for an onsite assessment or gather the necessary equipment information online or over the phone. SIGMA will then coordinate transportation back to our warehouse.

Step 3.


We create appealing listings for your equipment to begin actively marketing and selling. We work to bring you the best possible offers for your assets!

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