Asset Recovery

Our idle asset management system, SIGMA Recovery, combines cloud-based inventory software, centralized storage, value enhancement services and sales expertise to help you maximize the returns for your asset recovery department. Visit SIGMA Recovery to learn more, or to schedule a demonstration.

SIGMA Recovery

Shine a Light on your Idle Equipment:

  • Custom web application for internal communication and tracking
  • Affordable, secure, centralized storage
  • Redeployment services
  • Rigging and removal assistance
  • Equipment documentation, photography and measurements
  • Sales expertise, including direct sale and auction services
  • Access to on-site repair shop and reconditioning options
  • Sustainability reporting
  • MRO and component recovery
Asset Recovery Program

How it Works

SIGMA Recovery centralizes, simplifies and maximizes the return on your asset recovery efforts. We provide the complete set of tools to track, redeploy, store and sell an idle asset until it reaches the very end of its life cycle. We use cascading recovery methods to help you retain and recover the maximum value of your equipment, through redeployment, reconditioning, resale and recycling.

Investment Recovery Association

SIGMA Equipment is a proud member of the Investment Recovery Association. Membership allows SIGMA to stay at the forefront of surplus asset management and to contribute thought leadership to the investment recovery industry.

Investment Recovery Association

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