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Our quality starts with our people.

At SIGMA Equipment, we are proud to work with a group of passionate, innovative and experienced professionals. The SIGMA team is committed to providing exceptional service.

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Sales Team

  • Scott T. Birge, Sales Lead

    Scott T. Birge

    Senior Sales Representative

  • Kaelin Canfield, Technical Sales Specialist

    Kaelin Canfield

    Technical Sales Specialist

  • Perry A. Johnson, Sales Lead

    Perry A. Johnson

    Sales Lead

  • Rick Lewallen, Sales Lead

    Rick Lewallen

    Senior Sales Representative

  • Jared Mesker, Technical Sales Specialist

    Jared Mesker

    Technical Sales Specialist

  • Mason Mitchell, Technical Sales Specialist

    Mason Mitchell

    Technical Sales Specialist

  • John O'Reilly, Sales Lead

    John O'Reilly

    Senior Sales Representative

  • Ed Wolf, Sales Lead

    Ed Wolf

    Sales Lead

Acquisitions Team

  • Elaine Brown, Acquisitions Specialist

    Elaine Brown

    Acquisitions Specialist

  • Bob Esser, Research Specialist

    Bob Esser

    Research Specialist

  • Logan Guerzini, Acquisitions Account Manager

    Logan Guerzini

    Acquisitions Account Manager

  • Ara Hertel, Acquisitions Coordinator

    Ara Hertel

    Acquisitions Coordinator

  • Tyler Maassen, Acquisitions Specialist Lead

    Tyler Maassen

    Acquisitions Specialist Lead

  • James Peck, Acquisitions Account Manager

    James Peck

    Acquisitions Account Manager

  • Ray Van, Inventory Manager

    Ray Van

    Inventory Manager

  • Marc Weinzapfel, Acquisitions Specialist

    Marc Weinzapfel

    Acquisitions Specialist

SIGMA Services

  • AJ Hale, Integration Services Manager

    AJ Hale

    Integration Services Manager

  • Andy Hines, Logistics Manager

    Andy Hines

    Logistics Manager

  • Justin Morris, Shop Manager

    Justin Morris

    Shop Manager


  • Rob Palmer, CEO

    Rob Palmer


  • Zach Bittner, Director of Operations, Surplus

    Zach Bittner

    Director of Operations, Surplus

  • Randa Doleh, Business Systems & Analytics Director

    Randa Doleh

    Business Systems & Analytics Director

  • Kelsey Dus, Marketing Director

    Kelsey Dus

    Marketing Director

  • Kim Gries, HR Manager

    Kim Gries

    HR Manager

  • Renee Palmer, HR Director

    Renee Palmer

    HR Director

  • Steve Pride, VP Sales

    Steve Pride

    VP Sales

  • Liz Witte, CFO

    Liz Witte


  • Ryan Yerkes, Acquisitions Director

    Ryan Yerkes

    Acquisitions Director

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