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When working in the fast-paced environment of the production world, we understand better than anyone that you don’t have any room for errors or downtime, especially not when it comes to your equipment. SIGMA Surplus offers the service of buying and selling your spare industrial, electrical, and automation parts. By utilizing our Surplus programs, you can maximize returns, increase storage, or get your production lines up and running again as efficiently as possible. We combine 2-year warranties, same-day shipping, quality customer service, and extensive industry knowledge to provide you with the best possible eCommerce MRO processes. 

We want to make selling your spare parts as easy as possible for you. SIGMA Surplus offers three convenient ways to sell your MRO parts: Crate Program, Outright Purchase, and Consignment.

SIGMA Surplus Crate Program

Our Crate Program allows you to sell your parts, free up space, and earn a maximum return in a handful of simple steps. You are given the option to request as many crates as needed. We will provide the packaging materials and when the items are packed into the crate, you ship it to us at SIGMA. We will take care of the rest from there! Our team will document and evaluate the value of each part. Once we finish determining the value of the crate(s), we will extend an offer and you can then decide whether you would like to accept or not. Click here to learn more.

SIGMA Surplus Outright Purchase

We offer quick and convenient options within our Outright Purchase Program through Inventory Evaluations or On-Site purchases. With an Inventory Evaluation, you simply provide us with an itemized list or photos of your MRO spare parts. Our team will assess your inventory’s value and generate an offer. If you accept, our logistics team will assist in coordinating the shipping to our facilities. By requesting an On-Site visit, a Surplus team member will visit your location, assess your spare parts, determine their market value, and present you with an offer. To learn more, click here.


SIGMA Surplus Consignment

If you’re lacking extra resources or time, our Consignment Program offers the option to sell your MRO components with no effort on your end. Our team will visit your site and evaluate the spare parts you’re looking to sell. We will then coordinate the transportation of the parts back to our facilities, where we will examine and catalog your parts into our selling system. Lastly, we will photograph and list your parts on our website and eBay. When your parts are sold, we will send you a check. It’s that simple! Click here to learn more.

  Trade-In Program

SIGMA Surplus Trade-In Program

SIGMA Surplus also offers a Trade-In Program, where you can trade spare automation components for store credit to purchase any of the 100,000+ products we sell. Each trade-in item is worth 15% more in-store credit compared to an outright purchase, maximizing your value. Just inform your purchasing agent you’d like store credit, and we’ll assign it to your account. Click here to learn more. 

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