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We have buyers needing the specific equipment below.

If you have any of the following equipment, or similar, available for sale, please contact the SIGMA Sales Team or click to submit your equipment online. Wanted requests are active for 30 days or until found.

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Item Needed Category Added
Horizontal Cartoner For 14.25 x 14.25 x 2.5" PizzaGlue Hand-Load Horizontal Cartoner/ Horizontal End Load Cartoner/ Cartoner and Sleever and Tri-Seal5/26/2017Sell Glue Hand-Load Horizontal Cartoner
Urschel Translicer 2500 SlicerSlicer/ Cutter and Slicer5/26/2017Sell Slicer
Maxwell Chase tomato slicerSlicer/ Cutter and Slicer5/26/2017Sell Slicer
BIRO FBC-4800 Tempered Frozen Block ChipperFlaker and Shredder/ Cutter and Slicer5/26/2017Sell Flaker and Shredder
Frick screw compressors XJF151N or XJF151LEvaporator, Condenser, and Compressor/ Chiller, Cooler, Freezer, and Refrigerator5/26/2017Sell Evaporator, Condenser, and Compressor
Frick RXF 85 B CompressorAir Compressor/ Air Handling Equipment5/26/2017Sell Air Compressor
Frick RXF 101 CompressorAir Compressor/ Air Handling Equipment5/26/2017Sell Air Compressor
Marlin Caruthers AE2000 loggerForm, Fill and Seal5/25/2017Sell Form, Fill and Seal
Koch Ultravac UV500 Single Chamber Vacuum PackagerBag Sealer5/25/2017Sell Bag Sealer
2-3 Cubic Foot Double Ribbon BlenderRibbon and Paddle Blender/ Mixer and Blender5/25/2017Sell Ribbon and Paddle Blender
Arpac L-26 Automatic L-Bar SealerL-Bar Sealer, Automatic/ Shrink Equipment5/25/2017Sell L-Bar Sealer, Automatic
Arpac 55-36 Shrink BundlerMultipacker and Bundler/ Shrink Equipment5/25/2017Sell Multipacker and Bundler
Anco Bacon PressMeat Processing Equipment5/25/2017Sell Meat Processing Equipment
Hobart Tall Boy V1401 Quart MixerMixer and Blender5/24/2017Sell Mixer and Blender
Encapsulation machine size 00Enrobing and Coating5/24/2017Sell Enrobing and Coating
Ilapak Delta 3000 LDR Flow WrapperPrint Registered Film Flow Wrapper/ Horizontal Flow Wrapper/ Wrapper5/24/2017Sell Print Registered Film Flow Wrapper
Folded Film Overwrapper Print Reg . for soap barFolded Film Overwrapper/ Wrapper5/23/2017Sell Folded Film Overwrapper
Stephan MCH 20 EmulsifierMixer and Blender5/23/2017Sell Mixer and Blender
Hobart 4352 Mixer GrinderGrinder5/23/2017Sell Grinder
Open Screw Blancher 12-18" x 10' longBlancher5/23/2017Sell Blancher
Vertical L-Bar SealerL-Bar Sealer, Automatic/ Shrink Equipment5/23/2017Sell L-Bar Sealer, Automatic
Belshaw Donut Robot IV or VIFryer5/22/2017Sell Fryer
2 Pocket Compact Pita Production LineBakery Complete Line/ Complete Line5/22/2017Sell Bakery Complete Line
Unitherm FG-24-8B Flame GrillerGrill, Broiler, and Range/ Oven5/22/2017Sell Grill, Broiler, and Range
IQF Spiral Freezer 1000 feetSpiral Freezer/ Freezer/ Chiller, Cooler, Freezer, and Refrigerator5/21/2017Sell Spiral Freezer

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