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Item Needed Category Added
Sourdough Fermentation Tank, 40 Quarts<499 Gallon SS Single Wall Tanks/ Single Wall Tanks/ Tank, Stainless Steel5/25/2018Sell <499 Gallon SS Single Wall Tanks
10' Impingement OvenTunnel Oven/ Oven5/25/2018Sell Tunnel Oven
Koch Single Truck Gas SmokehouseSmokehouse/ Meat Processing Equipment5/24/2018Sell Smokehouse
50 Cubic Ft. Paddle BlenderPaddle Blender/ Ribbon and Paddle Blender/ Mixer and Blender5/24/2018Sell Paddle Blender
Marel I-Cut 36 Slicer/PortionerSlicer/ Cutter and Slicer5/24/2018Sell Slicer
Marchant Schmidt C40 Exact Weight Cheese CutterSlicer/ Cutter and Slicer5/24/2018Sell Slicer
Sweco US48S Single Deck Vibratory SifterSifter5/24/2018Sell Sifter
Chicken Bone GrinderGrinder5/24/2018Sell Grinder
Low level Infeed PalletizerLow Level Infeed Palletizer/ Palletizer5/24/2018Sell Low Level Infeed Palletizer
World Tandem Wraparound Glue LabelerWraparound Glue Labeler/ Glue Labeler/ Labeler5/24/2018Sell Wraparound Glue Labeler
1500 lb Vacuum Meat TumblersMeat Processing Equipment5/24/2018Sell Meat Processing Equipment
AM Manufacturing R900RT Dough RounderDough Rounder/ Bakery Equipment5/24/2018Sell Dough Rounder
Color Sorter Machine For BlueberriesSortation, Laning, Orienting and Transfer/ Conveyor5/24/2018Sell Sortation, Laning, Orienting and Transfer
3000-4000 Gal Jacket Tank scrape side and bottom1000+ Gallon SS Jacketed Tanks/ Jacketed Tanks/ Tank, Stainless Steel5/24/2018Sell 1000+ Gallon SS Jacketed Tanks
10 Gallon Double Sigma MixerDouble Sigma Mixer/ Sigma Arm Mixer/ Mixer and Blender5/24/2018Sell Double Sigma Mixer
2 - 5 Ton Recirculating ChillerChiller, Cooler, Freezer, and Refrigerator5/24/2018Sell Chiller, Cooler, Freezer, and Refrigerator
Metal Detector 20W"x10"T Min Aperture10+ Inches Aperture Height/ Metal Detector, Conveyor/ Product Inspection5/23/2018Sell 10+ Inches Aperture Height
Littleford Day 270 kg Ribbon BlenderSingle Shaft Ribbon Blender/ Ribbon and Paddle Blender/ Mixer and Blender5/23/2018Sell Single Shaft Ribbon Blender
Arrowhead 4" W Plastic-Table Top S-Turn ConveyorPlastic Table-Top Conveyor/ Conveyor5/23/2018Sell Plastic Table-Top Conveyor
Bosch Sigpack HSM Horizontal Flow WrapperPrint Registered Film Flow Wrapper/ Horizontal Flow Wrapper/ Wrapper5/23/2018Sell Print Registered Film Flow Wrapper
Schenck VWG-20650Ingredient Feeder/ Feeder5/23/2018Sell Ingredient Feeder
Benier Diosna W240A Wendel MixerSpiral Mixer/ Mixer and Blender5/23/2018Sell Spiral Mixer
Cherry Burrell VA300 Continous Ice Cream FreezerFreezer/ Chiller, Cooler, Freezer, and Refrigerator5/23/2018Sell Freezer
Marel Multi Angle Slicer MSC 90 MASlicer/ Cutter and Slicer5/23/2018Sell Slicer
Urschel CCD ShredderFlaker and Shredder/ Cutter and Slicer5/23/2018Sell Flaker and Shredder

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