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We have buyers needing the specific equipment below.

If you have any of the following equipment, or similar, available for sale, please contact the SIGMA Sales Team or click to submit your equipment online. Wanted requests are active for 30 days or until found.

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Item Needed Category Added
Zalkin CAS-8 CapperCapper9/21/2017Sell Capper
Hand Load Cartoner for Pizzas, 12" x 12"Glue Hand-Load Horizontal Cartoner/ Horizontal End Load Cartoner/ Cartoner and Sleever and Tri-Seal9/21/2017Sell Glue Hand-Load Horizontal Cartoner
Columbia FL150 Low Level PalletizerLow Level Infeed Palletizer/ Palletizer9/21/2017Sell Low Level Infeed Palletizer
Steam Boiler, 100 HP, 150 PSI, Natural GasBoiler9/21/2017Sell Boiler
IMABE CH 1800 or CH 1500 Steel Scrap BalerHorizontal Baler/ Baler9/20/2017Sell Horizontal Baler
Bossar 1400 Horizontal Form, Fill and SealHorizontal Pouch HFFS/ Horizontal Form Fill Seal/ Form, Fill and Seal9/20/2017Sell Horizontal Pouch HFFS
De-nestor for pie tins 8-12"Depositor/ Bakery Equipment9/19/2017Sell Depositor
Texwrap T1322 Heat Tunnel, 13" x 22" Aperture10+ Inches Heat Tunnel Height/ Heat Shrink Tunnel/ Shrink Equipment9/19/2017Sell 10+ Inches Heat Tunnel Height
Savage Brothers S-92 Gas FireMixer Cooker Mixer<99 Gallon Stainless Steel Kettle/ Kettle9/19/2017Sell <99 Gallon Stainless Steel Kettle
Texwrap 2202 Continuous Motion Side Seal WrapperSide Sealer/ Shrink Equipment9/19/2017Sell Side Sealer
Shrink Sleeve Tunnel w/Aperture 8" wide x 10" tallShrink Sleeve Heat Tunnel/ Shrink Sleever9/19/2017Sell Shrink Sleeve Heat Tunnel
Loma IQ3 Ferrous In FoilMetal Detector, Conveyor/ Product Inspection9/18/2017Sell Metal Detector, Conveyor
24" Rotary Moulder and 24" Spiral OvenBakery Complete Line/ Complete Line9/18/2017Sell Bakery Complete Line
Clamco 6650 Automatic L-Bar SealerL-Bar Sealer, Automatic/ Shrink Equipment9/18/2017Sell L-Bar Sealer, Automatic
528 Gal Lee Industries Stainless Steel Reactor 500-999 Gallon SS Jacketed Tanks/ Jacketed Tanks/ Tank, Stainless Steel9/18/2017Sell  500-999 Gallon SS Jacketed Tanks
Dual Sided Pouch Filler for 2.4 oz Creams, 200ppmLiquid and Paste Filler VFFS/ Vertical Form Fill Seal/ Form, Fill and Seal9/18/2017Sell Liquid and Paste Filler VFFS
Koch KLE-100 Single Truck SmokehouseSmokehouse/ Meat Processing Equipment9/18/2017Sell Smokehouse
Fortress Phantom Metal Detector 11.5" T x 21.75" W10+ Inches Aperture Height/ Metal Detector, Conveyor/ Product Inspection9/15/2017Sell 10+ Inches Aperture Height
Fortress Phantom Metal Detector 11.5" T x 21.75" W10+ Inches Aperture Height/ Metal Detector, Conveyor/ Product Inspection9/15/2017Sell 10+ Inches Aperture Height
Autobag 255 Automatic Wide Bag Machine One StepBagger Only VFFS/ Vertical Form Fill Seal/ Form, Fill and Seal9/14/2017Sell Bagger Only VFFS
6000 Gal Tank (6) Non-jacketed, non-insulated5000+ Gallon SS Single Wall Tank or Silo/ Single Wall Tanks/ Tank, Stainless Steel9/14/2017Sell 5000+ Gallon SS Single Wall Tank or Silo
Case Packer, Glue, 24 Pack Bottled WaterCase Packer and Tray Packer9/14/2017Sell Case Packer and Tray Packer
Complete Beverage Line for 16oz Alum Cans, 202 LidBeverage Complete Line/ Complete Line9/13/2017Sell Beverage Complete Line
Fuji Formost FW3400 Horizontal Flow WrapperPrint Registered Film Flow Wrapper/ Horizontal Flow Wrapper/ Wrapper9/13/2017Sell Print Registered Film Flow Wrapper
Bobst Alpina 130-A3 Automatic Folder/GluerPrinting Industry9/13/2017Sell Printing Industry

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