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This equipment is used for the lifting of materials from floor to the desired height. The equipment can include a mechanism to rotate the load, tip the load, or to empty containers into another.

HDD-48-7-S photo
Vestile HDD 487S Stationary Hydraulic Drum Dumper

Used Vestile Stationary Hydraulic Drum Dumper with: Adjustable height clamps Dump height: 48 inches Maximum capacity: 750 pounds Rotation height clearance: 116 inches 45 degree dump angle ...

ABSSTIP-36 photo
American Baking Systems STIP-36 Bowl Dumper

Used American Baking Systems STIP-36 Bowl Dumper with: Motor: 1/3 horsepower Power supply: 120 voltage / 1 phase / 60 hertz / 2 amperage Overall dimensions: 30 length x 36 width...

H-LE Hi-Lift photo
MTC HLE Hi Lift Stainless Steel 2 Stage Vat Dumper

Used MTC Dumper with: Application: designed to lift & invert product at high dump angles Two stage operation Weight capacity: 4,000 pounds Platform dimensions: Width: 57 inches Depth:...

HLC2 photo
MTC HLC2 800 Pound Capacity Barrel Dumper

Used MTC HLC-2 Barrel and Drum Dumper with: Maximum lifting capacity: 800 pounds Floor mounted Mast height: 133 inches Dump height: approximately 120 inches Dump tilt: 60 degrees Stainless...

MTC Stainless Steel Hydraulic Tote Dumper

Used MTC Tote Dumper with: Hydraulic tote dumper Tote dimensions: 50 inches wide x 48 inches deep x 44 inches tall Infeed height: 25 inches Discharge height: approximately 55 inches Stainless...

MAC Equipment Bag Dump Station and Dust Collector

Used MAC Equipment Bag Dump Station and Dust Collector with: Dump station used to feed product into a tube-veyor system Infeed dimensions: 39.5 inches wide x 17 inches deep Hinged lid Infeed height:...

IMS Pneumatic Gaylord Box and Tote Dumper

Used IMS Hydraulic Gaylord Box and Tote Dumper with: Lifting capacity: 2500 pounds Maximum box size: 44 inches square Air requirements: 40 - 100 PSI Painted steel construction Corner tilt Pneumatic...

Vision photo
Bishamon Vision Pallet Lift 3500 Pound Capcaity

Used Bishamon Vision Pallet Lift with: Capacity: 3.500 pounds Platform dimensions: 42 inches x 48 inches Hydraulic lifting Table mounted Painted steel construction Electric power Stand is...

ROLLC224 photo
Southworth ROLLC224 Pallet Lift Station 43" x 47"

Used Southworth ROLLC224 Pallet Lift Station with: Stationary pallet lift station Capacity: 2000 pounds Table dimensions: 44 inches wide x 48 inches deep Up/down foot pedal controls Lift height:...

Allen 42 x 46 Spring Loaded Swivel Pallet Leveler

Used Allen Pallet Leveler with: Table top dimensions: 42 inches x 46 inches Weight capacity: approximately 3,000 pounds Swivel table top Spring loaded pallet leveling Tubular mild steel construction...

Alum-A-Lift 50 Pound Cap Ergonomic Film Roll Lift

Used Alum-A-Lift Film Roll Lift with: Lifting capacity: 50 pounds Maximum lifting height: approximately 65 inches Built-in battery charger Aluminum construction with casters

4ZC16 photo
Southworth 4ZC16 Turntable Pallet Lift 42" Dia

Used Southworth 4ZC16 Turntable Pallet Lift with: Pallet positioner and level loader Load capacity: 4500 pounds Lowered height: 9.5 inches Raised height: 38 inches Table diameter: 43.625 inches...

Flexicon 4000lb Capacity Bulk Bag Unloading System

Used Flexicon Bulk Bag Unloading System with: Maximum capacity: 4,000 pounds Bag hanging station Inclined auger conveyor Collection and metering hopper with scale and pneumatic gate valve Previously...

ZLS4-35 photo
Southworth ZLS4-35 Floor Height Pallet Lift

Used Southworth ZLS4-35 Pallet Lift with: Lifting capacity: 4000 pounds Lifting height: 35 inches Flexible safety lip Heavy steel construction

EZ-45 photo
Bishamon EZ-45 Pneumatic Pallet Lift 4500 LBS

Used Bishamon EZ-45 Pallet Lift with: Capacity: 4500 pounds Lowered height: 10.5 inches Raised height: 30.5 inches Rotating table top Platform dimensions: 48 inches x 48 inches Hinged maintenance...

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