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This equipment is used for the lifting of drummed materials from floor to the desired height. The equipment can include a mechanism to rotate the load, tip the load, or to empty drums into another container.

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ELDR50048CBSPRCR photo
Easy Lift Equipment ELDR50048CBSPRCR Drum Dumper

Used Easy Lift Equipment ELDR50048 Drum Dumper with: Narrow aisle drump dumper Lifting height: 48 inches Overall width: 27 inches Lifting weight: 500 pounds 12 volt deep cycle battery Rotating...

Stainless Steel Drum Cart

Used Stainless Steel Drum Cart with: 7 drum capacity Distance between holding brackets: 43.75 inches Four swivel casters

Morse Drum Spotter Caddie for Moving Drums

Used Morse Drum Spotter - Drum Palletizer with: Leverage handle (2) 8 inch polyolefin wheels up front and (1) 4 inch polyolefin wheel in back for easy mobility Barrel cradle with chain for adjustabiliity 800 LBS....

1750 photo
Packaging Machinery Concepts 1750 Drum Rotator

Used Packaging Machinery Concepts 1750 Drum Rotator with: 230 volt/3 phase/60 hertz/15 AMP 3 horsepower motor Drum Type: Capable of handling both Metal and Plastic Drums Speed: 14 turns/min Drum...

H-3 photo
MTC H3 Stainless Steel Cart Lift Dumper

Used MTC Cart Dumper Capacity: Maximum lift height: 110 inches Maximum load weight: 600 pounds All new chain, bearings, shafts & brackets Approximate overall dimensions (inches): 52...

750 Lb Cap photo
Hercules 750 Pound Capacity Portable Drum Dumper

Used Hercules Drum Dumper with: Load capacity: 750 pounds Single stage dumper Maximum dump height: 58 inches Driven by 1/2 horsepower motor Mounted on casters Stainless steel drum holder with...

M2610-10 photo
Metolift Stainless Steel Drum Lift and Inverter

Used Meto Systems Drum Inverter with: Lift weight capacity: 154 pounds Maximum drum size: Height: 37 inches Diameter: 24 inches Maximum discharge height: 52 inches Includes discharge...

DCT-75 photo
Vestil DCT-75 Drum Hoist Carrier/Rotator Handler

Used Vestil DCT-75 Drum Hoist Carrier/Rotator Handler with: Rotate and position a fully loaded 55 gallon drum Fork pockets: 5.5 width x 1.93 height (inches) Chain crank to rotate 360 degrees Drum...

Robusto FL 351 photo
GBK Robusto FL 351 Stainless Drum Lift and Dump

Used GBK Robusto FL 351 Drum Lift and Dump with: Maximum lift: 1000 millimeters Minimum lift: 450 millimeters Loading capacity: 350 kilograms Linear-positioned gripping equipment for drums 350-650...

Norton Double Barrel Agitator Two 55 Gallon Drums

Used Norton Double Barrel Agitator with: Two mixing drums Drum capacity: 55 gallons Stainless steel drum construction Painted, mild steel construction Personnel guarding

BS-54-S photo
Crown Equipment BS-54-S Electric Drum Lift

Used Crown Equipment BS-54-S Electric Drum Lift with: Lifting capacity: 500 pounds Electric power Hydraulic lifting Drum lifting attachment 3 lifting directions Walk behind operator position...

TY400B photo
Ying Lift TY400B Drum and Barrel Tumbler

Used Ying Lift TY400B Drum and Barrel Tumbler with: Load capacity: 400 kilograms Drum type: 55 gallon drums Speed: 6 rotations per minute Manual operation Painted steel construction Manual...

COT-300 photo
Sinolift COT-300 Manual Drum and Barrel Lift

Used Sinolift COT-300 Manual Drum and Barrel Lift with: Application: lift, tilt, and dump drums and barrels Lifting capacity: 300 kilograms Manual lifting Push behind operator position Painted,...

VL8 photo
FPEC Stainless Steel Stationary Cart Lift

Used FPEC Cart Lift with: Maximum lifting capacity: 600 pounds Maximum discharge height: For 400 pound carts: 83 inches For 600 pound carts: 76 inches Stationary model Driven by 2 horsepower...

Stainless Steel Drum Dumper with Receiving Tank

Used Drum Dumper with: Lift capacity: 55 gallon drums Hydraulic lift & tilting system Includes receiving tank: Capacity: 250 gallons Outlet: 3 inches diameter on slanted bottom Top,...

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