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These types of sealers can be hand-held, semi-automatic, or automatic. A plastic clip is a device used to hold bags closed, such as the type of bag in which sliced bread is commonly packaged. Also commonly called bread tags, bread clips, bread tabs, bread ties, bread ribbons or bread-bag clips, these plastic clips preserve freshness by creating a tight seal. Plastic clips can be on automatic lines, semi-automatic and hand-applied lines. Some plastic clip bag sealers include a coder to print details directly on the clip. Handheld tie bag sealers require a person to put the item to be tie sealed in the front opening, and squeeze a trigger. With some machines, the number of twists the machine gives the tie can be adjusted. Hand-held tie bag sealers can be battery operated. A semi-automatic tie bag sealer is corded and sits on a table top. The operator picks up the bag to be sealed and holds the top together, slides it into the machine and pauses to let it twist the tie on, then removes the bag. A tape bag sealer gathers the opening of the bag and wraps a piece of tape around the bag to form a seal. A staple bag sealer applies a staple to the bag opening.

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LX2000H photo
Bedford Technology Tin Tie Applicator

Used Bedford Technology Tin Tie Applicator For applying a tin tie to bags for re-sealing purposes and keeping product freshness Belt width: 3 inches Currently running tin tie width of 0.25 inches Glue...

We Seal Professional Resealable Poly Tape Bag Sealer with Conveyor

New We Seal Professional Sealer with: Output: up to 30 bags per minute Sealer: Bag specifications: Polythene: 23 micron to 55 micron gauge, free neck length (100 - 125mm) Paper bags: 30 micron to...

PDC-600 photo
Poly-Clip PDC 600 Double Clipper

Used Poly-Clip Double Clipper with: Semi-automatic operation Casings: Plastic: up to 90 mm Fibrous, collagen & natural: up to 95 mm Portions: Single Chain Long sausages Rings Half-rings...

FCA50 photo
Poly Clip FCA50 Stainless Steel Double Clipper

Used Poly-Clip Double Clipper with: Output: up to 300 cycles per minute in continuous mode Application: Small chubs 18 - 50 mm Clip specs: R-ID clip size: XS and S Clip closure...

8189 photo
Cryovac 8189 Stainless Steel Taped Bag Loader

Used Cryovac Bag Loader with: Bag width: up to 16 inches Bag capacity: holds 750 - 3,000 bags, depending on size Handles both: Side seal bags End seal bags Takeup reel system Differential...

FCA 3461 photo
Poly-Clip System GmbH FCA 3461 Automatic Clipper

Used PolyClip System GmbH FCA 3461 Automatic Clipper with: Production output rate: Up to 300 cycles per minute Caliber output: 0.70 to 1.96 inches 18 to 50 millimeters...

RS4203 photo
Tipper Tie RS4203 Automatic Double Clipper

Used Tipper Tie Double Clipper with: Capacity/output: up to 24 packages per minute, depending on product & pump capacity Product: Soft & hard emulsions Whole muscle meat products ...

SPR465L photo
Tipper Tie SPR465L Press Tie Bench Clipper

Used Tipper Tie Press Tie: Pulls Bag closed then places a clip and trims tail neatly Dimensions: Length: 38 inches Width: 16 inches Height: 28.5 inches Air requirements: 80 PSI Stainless...

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