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Bag sealing equipment is categorized by the method used to seal a bag or pouch. Bags can be made out of different materials, such as plastic, paper, and cotton or other fabrics. Different types of seals are appropriate for different types of bag material. Bags can be sewn, pasted, or, in the case of plastic, heated and pressured shut. Cotton or other fabric bags can be used to ship loose items. Paper bags are usually used for loose items such as flour. Plastic bags are used for bread and merchandise bags. In addition, bag sealers can be used to apply shrink wrap to products before they reach the heat tunnel. Bag sealers do not exclusively seal pre-made bags; they can form bags as each closure is sealed. Bag sealers can be either automatic or semi-automatic. Automatic bag sealers automatically tuck flaps and seal the bag. Semi-automatic bag sealers require someone to manually feed the bag into the sealer to close the bag and tuck any flaps.

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PBC 6000 photo
Fischbein PBC 6000 Pre-glued Hot Air Paper Bag Band Sealer

Used Fischbein PBC 6000 bag sealer with: Production speed: 85 feet per minute Weight range: Minimum: 18 pounds Maximum: 110 pounds Bag dimensions: Length: 12-20 inches Width:...

PBC 6000 photo
Fischbein PBC 6000 Pinch Paper Bag Sealer

Used Fischbein PBC 6000 bag sealer with: Production speed: up to 85 feet per minute Product weight range: Minimum: 18 pounds Maximum: 110 pounds Bag dimensions: Length: 12-20...

3500 photo
Urania 3500 Stainless Steel Continuous Band Bag Sealer

Used Urania bag sealer with: Front and rear heater control Heating element: Length: 27 inches Width: 12 inches Conveyor belt: Length: 67 inches Width: 9.5 inches ...

2001 photo
NBS 2001 Stainless Steel Continuous Band Sealer

Used NBS continuous band sealer with: Sealing speed: up to 80 FPM Heat bars: 4 pieces 8 inches long 16 inches of heat total Cool bars: Air Water Sealing bands:...

DC-650 photo
Promax DC-650 Stainless Steel Double Vacuum Chamber

Used Promax DC-650 Vacuum Chamber with: Sealing chambers: 2 Chamber size: Length: 32.2 inches Width: 35 inches Depth: 8.4 inches Seal bars: Length: 25.4 inches Distance...

Promax Stainless Steel Vacuum Bag Sealer

Used Promax Vacuum bag sealer with: Sealing dimensions: Length: 34.5 inches Width: 13.5 inches Depth: 4 inches Seal bar width: 0.75 inches Stainless Steel construction Push button...

Portable Pouch Sealer

Used Portable Pouch Sealer with: Infeed conveyor dimensions: Length: 35 inches Width: 2 inches Last ran bag: Length: 8 inches Width: 1.5 inches Height: 8 inches ...

FAS Sprint Revolution photo
Autobag FAS Sprint Revolution Autobagger With Product Conveyor

Used FAS Sprint Revolution: Bag dimensions: Length: 3-18.75 inches Width: 2-20 inches 60 inch wide loading zone 6 inch pass through Bag support conveyor: can hold products up to 15...

Automated Packaging PS-125 PaceSetter OneStep Bagger

Used Autobag PaceSetter Bagger with: Ouput: up to 15 bags per minute Bag size range: Width: 2 - 10.5 inches Length: 4 - 17 inches Bag thickness: 1 - 3 mil Pass-through: up to 3.4...

Fischbein SH2000 Stainless Steel Hot Air Bag Sealer

Used Fischbein Bag Sealer with: Output/speed: up to 555 inches per minute on 12 mil thickness Includes: 3/8 Inch crimp seal Variable speed drive Right to left product flow Electrical:...

D-95E photo
Doboy D-95E Bag Stitcher

Used Doboy Bag Stitcher with: Speed: up to 50 bags per minute dependant on product size and specifications 1 or 2 Thread stitch 3.45 inches (fixed) Adjustable Height: Minimum:...

6000-4240-004 photo
Bandrite 6000-4240-004 Band Sealer

Used Bandrite Band Sealer with: Sealing capacity: 6 mil single thickness gusset or 12 mil single thickness flat Product flow: right to left Minimum seal width: 0.375 inches Maximum seal width: 0.75...

3500P photo
Urania 3500P Induction Bag Sealer

Used Urania 3500P band sealer with: Speed: up to 100 pouches per minute dependant on product specifications Temperature: Minimum: 100° Celcius Maximum: 300° Celcius Push...

Sipromac 600A Dual Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Used Sipromac 600A Dual Chamber Vacuum Sealer with: Seal bar dimensions: Length: 27 inches Distance between seal bars: 22.5 inches Chamber dimensions: Length: 30 inches Width:...

71035 photo
Emplex MPS 7103S Band Bag Sealer

Emplex MPS-7103S Continuous Band Bag Sealer with Stand: Built with a vacuum/gas flush system Designed to seal any heat sealable bag up to 12 mils thick Production output rate: Up to 800 inches per minute ...

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